So this whole mess really started in the beginning of 2005 (Spring 05) when I transferred from CoD to ISU as a chemistry major, I had just received my AS and was going to change to world :-) (My ego was pretty big to say which influenced the way I acted in my classes, but this story is more about what went on at my places of stay). Anyway during my first semester at ISU I rented out a side room to a house that had a family in it. As the semester progressed I found out that one of the family members was a teenager or twenty-something, uneducated for his age and also was a voyeur. He seemed to have a job as a surveillance employee at some store or something and it seemed that he liked his work too much. I found ways to piss him off by making fun of small minded white trash folk but he got mad enough that he was eventually putting a gun the hole in the door that separated the family from my dwelling that I had rented through the agency. During those tense times I was telling my mom what was happening and unconvinced she helped me move out of my first place of stay in Normal.


When I found a second place of living in June of 2005 things where great but I soon noticed that there was a girl living across from me who I could see from my place. Having been a target of voyeurism I decided to see what made it so interesting so I started to watch my neighbor. She didn't notice at first but after about 2 weeks she became aware. It was a lot of fun actually (in the beginning) I mean she was running around scared, while uhh.. I had some really intense 'pleasuring sessions' :-D But that didn't last too long; she got a boy friend and befriended the guy beneath me plus started antagonizing people in and around the apartment complex to refer to me as the voyeur. They found out that I would talk in my sleep when one time she was talking to her boyfriend outside my window and her boyfriend said to her "this guy thinks he's Tom Cruise" and I responded in my sleep "fuck no I'm no Tom Cruise" which then lead her to start asking me questions while I was sleeping. I don't remember what those questions where about but the questions continued for the remainder of my sleep until I realized to myself that I was talking in my sleep and said to my self "wake up" which I did and then the questions from the girl stopped. She would go on to talk to me in my sleep over the next couple of nights and she succeeded in getting me to not wake myself up when things got tense conversation wise.


I remember one night while waiting behind my door on the stairs so as not to be seen from the street worried about Amy going to the cops for me trying to get into her place, when she says from the street something like don’t worry we wont go to the cops we have something better for you. And at first I didn’t know what that meant until much later. Anyway I was getting sick of the dream interrogation and day to day harassment that by August I had applied to UIC as a Chemical Engineering in part because the financial reward was greater than that of Chemistry major and in part because I wanted to get far away from Amy and Normal as possible.  




 “We will kill you!” –Amy (Sep 05)


One of the things I remember about semester 2 2005 is the way some friend or friends of Mark would stand in front [of] the dumpster and hit beer bottles with a baseball bat causing the bottle to fly into the fence behind the dumpster before disintegrating. I only saw this once, but heard it many times. The purpose of this? I don’t know.


Occurrence Oct-Nov 05


{add picture}

The firework wars occurred behind building 328 and another college rental apartment complex as there were spent firework casings in the area the next day.


Occurrence Oct 05


{add picture}




{add picture}


Malcolm allows his apartment to be used by Amy and her boyfriend Mark so that she can harass me. Most of the conscious harassment is banging the ceiling, release of vaginal odor, marijuana smoke, opium smoke, walking on the gravel in between the regions while remaining out of sight (from my vantage point), launching fireworks, driving a car real fast down the parking lot lane and honking, burning tires, smashing beer bottles over garbage dump with [a] baseball bat. {add picture} During my sleep she would stay at Malcolm’s and talk to me while I slept (I.e. sleep talking) she would also request that I perform tasks with the threat that if I did not do them she would tell my friends/acquaintances that I was a voyeur. Never the less my friends/acquaintances @ ISU found out that I was a ‘voyeur’.

Malcolm allowed use of his place in exchange for sex with Amy. He also traded on one occasion opium with Mark to have sex with Amy.




10-30-05 Sunday Evening - 10-31-05 Monday Morning


In bed around 10-11 pm smelled intense vaginal odor & thought this was coming from my grandma. However I have never have ‘smelled my grandma’ ever in my life. (It went away and in about 30-45 min I feel asleep) Sometime in the middle of the night I am awoken and I see Amy staring down at my face, she asks “Do you know who this is?” while pinching my left nipple (I was in nothing but boxers). I reply “It’s the girl with the red room 330 apartment #7 Vernon Ave”. She says “that’s me”. Not wanting to feel what was coming next I blanked out to a more sleep like state.


“This really does feel like taking a shower with a rain coat on” -Me


“You really haven’t taken my virginity until /I have actual penile-vaginal sex/ “  -Me


“Anything /to have sex without a condom/” -Amy


“[Your virginity] there all gone” -Amy


“What does it feel like?” -Amy


“______?, it feels like (warm wet?) cellophane /that’s the closet thing/” -Me




“You wouldn’t look that bad if you lost weight” –Amy


“Oh my god I fucked a freak!” -Amy




Oct 30th 2005 Before I go to sleep I smelled vaginal odor. Then it went away. I fall asleep sometime later I awake and see Amy over my head touching my left nipple. She asks if I know who it is and I replay "It's the girl with the Red Room 330 Apartment #7 E Vernon Avenue" She says "yes that's me" I blank out. She removes her white stripe black nylon pants and her panties and climbs upon me. I really smell vaginal odor very thick at this time. I am only wearing boxer shorts so she takes my penis out and sucks it and ask that I do the same to her and I reject. After that happens she then puts a condom over my penis climbs unto me reverse cow girl and begins to have sex with me so as to take my virginity. I tell her that it is like as they say it is -taking a shower with a rain coat on- she replies 'anything for vaginal sex.' Then she takes the condom off. I allow my penis to loose its erection so that she can't continue, that is when Mark puts his fingers into her genitals and then puts them under my nose. I get an erection so she continues a little while into this I try to rotate her off to the left and she gets upset at how flimsy her strength is even as she is raping me. She climbs off succeeding at what she wanted to do. Which was to -steal my virginity- as they're about to leave. Aww naw I'll leave this part out. Anyway after some more stuff (nothing Male-Female) and after threatening to take my life they put me back into bead and leave. I wake up in the morning thinking I had some sort of dream but realize that my dick was wet.....        I shrug it off, take a shower and go about my ordinary life.


They left but not before Mark held gun to my temple saying that if I yelled to wake my grandma they’d make it look like I committed suicide.


A few days later when I'm conscious and down in Normal I was bragging about my virginity and how my first time would be better than hers and she shouted back "I stole your virginity, remember?" 


11-07-05 Monday


Strange Phone Call  11/07/05 Voice was that of a African American male and the call was made in the evening the exact time was unknown. NO. 219-844-4797 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              219-844-4797      end_of_the_skype_highlighting



Fall Nov 05 Mark was observed with Amy as [a] passenger driving a white convertible. Model was of on 80’s vehicle, license plate unknown. Two reflectors where present on [the] rear bumper on the North Bound trip (I-55) [From Normal, IL to the Chicago Suburbs] and where absent on [the] south bound trip. Intercept was long ~1 hr to 1hr 20 min on [the] north bound trip. Intercept was brief on [the] south bound trip 30 sec max. No “reflector” present on car during south bound trip. Intercept was at the start of Thanksgiving vacation. When arriving in Normal after south-bound intercept the car was parked in the Vernon Ave parking lots near the front of the apartment system.


{add picture}



11-19-05 Saturday – 11-27-05 Sunday  ISU Thanksgiving Break


Amy one time came out of Carol Hoffman’s with her hair dyed black kicking a pair of panties west bound on the sidewalk outside


Another time I was cleaning up a spill of Kerosene that had been mixed with reefer in my mother’s garage. I was worried that I would be arrested: Amy with her hair dyed black walked by me on the sidewalk, looked at me and said “keep washing”.


I had made my choice or made up my mind in this fashion

(1)I made my mind up to go to the police on my way to McDonald’s [on River Rd and Ogden Ave] to get something to eat. They where, Mark & Amy, in a car following/watching me. Once I got food (2) I ran towards the police station, however before I got past Hidden Spring (3) they intercepted me and knowing my intent headed to the [police] station first.


End of the break resulted in one female investigator and one social worker coming over to ask questions. I guess I was in what they call a hyper- or euphoric state of mind because the social worker suggested that I seek intake.


When I was talking to the two [the investigator and social worker] about Amy and vaginal odor the investigator about 1 min after the conversation had shifted to another topic started to rub her legs together/twist her hips in an awkward fashion and about 20-30 sec after I smelled vaginal odor and immediately turned my head in the direction of the wind thinking that Amy was upwind (I thought at that time that all girls had different odors) when I looked back at the investigator she said sans vocalization “virgin”. The investigator was downwind but about 2-3 feet away. Also she had a two-way radio in one of her hands. (Perhaps to call for back up if needed).


On my way back to Normal after talking to the police I found out that my car had been rigged with benzaldehyde or something that smells like vaginal odor and as I was driving I believed for the longest time that some car ahead of me was carrying Amy and that Mark & Amy where doing one of their reverse stalks by driving in front of me so it looks like I am the one who is stalking them. So I called Mike Hoffman every time the odor was coming on strong and left messages in his voicemail. He never called me back but it may have influenced his decision to talk to my mother who ultimately took me to the hospital December 6th.




According to Amy, Amy’s mom knows Carol Hoffman.


Carol Hoffman allowed Amy to stay the weekend prior to thanksgiving break (2005) and the thanksgiving break/week long (ISU) holiday at her place. It is during this time that the police (Naperville) where first contacted about the situation.

Many people (Sergio, Krunal, etc. (of that clan)) where brought over since I was saying that I would ‘rat’ on them and Amy for causing the trauma she was inflicting on me while I slept. (It didn’t and still does not make sense why I was saying that).




“It doesn’t matter what the truth is, it is what people will believe” –Amy (Dec 05, Naperville)



One night in November? Amy brought over Candice and a male friend of Candice to Malcolm’s so that the four of them could have sex while I slept.


Another night Amy brought Gabe, Lauren and Kelly over to Malcolm’s so that they could witness the dream interrogation in progress. 


“Killing him softly, with his words” –Amy (unknown date, unknown location)


Fall Nov 05 Amy was observed driving a SUV, green with license plate BASSN 69 on I-55 once, north bound and again south bound a few days later. SUV had a spare tire on the back door.


“Using his own head against him” –Amy (Fall 05, Normal)


When she would drive up they would get the car ahead of me I wouldn't notice the car until the strong smell of vaginal odor was released from the car ahead of me that I knew she was 300 ft ahead.

That is also how they would harass me when I was in Normal from 08-2005 till I left. It would be knocking on the ceiling till I was 'sensitized' then they would stop. They would also harass me by either Malcolm or Mark having sex with her and then stopping once I noticed smelled the vaginal odor.  


Leaving the Vernon Stables Apartments wearing body armor saying out loud that I am packing heat and filling the car with belongings.



Other lesser stuff from 06-01-05 to 12-06-05



“Raging Gay”


“OH NO!”




Singing to David Banner – Like A Pimp one morning after hearing the song being played in my sleep


“Every ounce of muscle I add makes me one ounce less attracted to women!” “Dork!”


“Amy Subaitis” “That means we’re sisters”


To throw Amy into the bottom of a well, cut her off from the outside world and her friends, so I could just have sex with her and get her pregnant. I’d kill the baby or I’d kill myself -Amy

When I informed the Naperville PD about what was going an investigator and social worker (by the name of Mike Hoffman who claims no relation to the woman who live below my mother's Carol Hoffman) where sent out to ask me questions about my complaint, I told the social worker my story minus the voyeurism which had them questioning what was the motive for Amy and Mark to be stalking me. He deemed me psychotic and strongly suggested that I enter a mental health hospital immediately. When my mom talked to him she believed him word for word and as soon as I finished the semester final in organic chem 2 (12-06-2006) I was taking by my mom from Normal to Loyola which held me for 8 hrs then I transferred at night to Elgin Mental health.


All was going well at Elgin and the doctor said I would be out in 5 days time at the rate I was doing but then on the third day a man by the name of 'Krunal' was admitted who immediately began stalking me. I had said both in conscious and unconscious speak that I would rat on him for doing drugs and other people that where close to him, for reason unknown even to myself. I think I did this because was mad at Amy and that seemed to get her off track a little (the ranting about Krunal happened during Oct of 2005 so they had to record it and present it to him and other people of his group.)


Anyway Krunal was angry at me and did much of the same harassment techniques that Amy did like banging on door area of my room just as I was about to sleep. He also wear same colored clothes down to the stripe as I would and everyday it seemed that more people would be admitted and start hanging out with him. Also on one day he put fried bacon somewhere in my room and was playing around pencils, ripping towels up so that he could have something thin enough to wrap around my throat. The only thing that he didn't do was the sleep talking.     


I knew it would make me look crazier but I had to tell the doctor what was going on so that if I did perish they would have a suspect.  This trade off meant that I would be held for 5-6 weeks by time I was released and about 15-20 or so friends Krunal had cycled through the hospital. One even said to me that he got in by calling up the Naperville police to his home and when the officer came he punched him in the face because he didn't like police officers.


One night Krunal tried to strangle me somewhere during the third or fourth week but I told him while I slept in the dayroom that he would be the number one suspect because I had told the doctor who of course didn't believe me (but would have to if I died) and Krunal put his dick in my mouth instead.


After I got out the remainder of January and February and the first half of March where alright. I did have an allergic reaction to Triliptal which made my hands itch and it wasn’t till the end of February when I discontinued the Triliptal did the itching stop. At the end of March she came back to Carol's and started to interrogate me while I slept again. But by this time she was trying to make very little of her presence known to me. (I cannot always remember my dreams). She then went away and came back hard in late April, I didn't believe that I was being interrogated by her again until my sleep got progressively worse and one night in a fit I started kicking the end of the bed which results in the smell of vaginal odor (Schadenfreude)


I moved into my Grandma's in May 06 to which she had followed to never the less and was coming on to the patio several nights and touching herself until I smelled the odor again. (The bed room is on the second floor just above the patio.)


In June I went to the police again to formalize a stalking case against her and instead they wired up my Grandma's home (with bugs AND speakers)[more likely audio spotlight]. She had convinced the police that I was some sort of voyeur/drug dealer or something like that. The smells did stop but all of sudden the neighbors where launching fireworks in time to me entering the bed room or when I would sit down to eat which did result in me becoming sensitized fireworks.

The Police allowed her to continue to interrogate me through the use of the speaker system that they had set up at my Grandma's but I still believed that she was outside. (She basically had committed the act of trespassing, extortion, harassment, and stalking many times and I was sure that the police would take my side, but once she convinced them that I was some sort of drug dealer all Police help went out the window). 




LP NO. BX 5698 Green Honda might be an Accord seen outsides Mother's home sometime in late (25-28) May 06



06-06-06 Tuesday and 06-07-06 Wednesday


Strange Phone Call 06/06/06 and 06/07/06 at around 7:30 PM CST  call was left unanswered NO. 954-935-3682 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              954-935-3682      end_of_the_skype_highlighting



06-11-06 Sunday


Approx time 3:30 PM

Saw a Candice Subaitis looking woman (same height, blue eyes, brown hair) but about 20 to 30 lbs heaver (of fat). Her nose was also like that of CMS (short slanted) Could pass for [her] sister. She came into the 95th Street YMCA right after I did and was wearing a pink top with Khaki pants. She asked the person at the front desk about children’s programming



06-12-06 Monday


10:15 PM Three taps sounding like foot steps on porch left side (loud)



06-15-06 Thursday


Time 11:23 AM

(Played back from answering machine) An off the hook tone was recorded lasting approximately 45 seconds to

a minute long.


5:28 PM Girl with ‘Michigan’ briefs walks past the free weight room to the tread mill room adjacent to the swimming pool. Had on a gray sleeveless shirt. Under the shirt was an aerobic running (bra?). (She took the gray shirt off while running on the treadmill)


About the observation: Amy was observed to wear ‘Michigan’ briefs while ‘working’ out at the 95th street YMCA back during thanksgiving break ’05 when she was visiting the woman who lives at 1140 Spring Garden.


06-20-06 Tuesday


Observation 4:10 PM

The Khurts (neighbors 2nd house west of my grandma's have orange buried cable flags running across their property.

<My grandma had ordered cable internet a few weeks before and we had the same orange flags running across our yard when COmc__t came out and buried their cable there. (The internet was ordered a few weeks before and our cable was buried a few days before the observation>




06-28-06 Wednesday


Observation ~11;00 PM - 12:00 AM

A Group of ~ 4 people where chatting (male & female) on the border of Doug's property and public land. Could not see them from my room (behind the tree that overshadows our porch). Several photo flashes.

<During this time period from early June on into July and August I had two bullet camera's overseeing the patio, basically in an attempt to catch her on camera if she went onto the patio again.>


What is noteworthy about the observation is how far they where from me (150 ft?) but how I was still able to hear them well enough that I was able to make out a few words of their conversation (the windows where closed too) these people where in the greater likelihood just some random teenagers (but maybe not for ceartin) (about a 10% chance it was….)

The insight being if I can hear them at that distance with closed windows would they be able to hear me?




Times  (hr/min/sec)

5:17:22 PM

5:50:40 PM

7:33:48 PM

8:11:30 PM

8:41:24 PM


06-30-06 Friday


IP Address attempted to access said computer.



11:32:02 PM 06/30/06 IP Address


11:55:24 PM 06/30/06 IP Address



07-01-06 Saturday


Observation 10:26 AM


No cars have been observed parked outside of my mom's place for sometime now (~7 - 10 days)





Times (all 7/1/2006)               


12:13:18 AM

12:19:20 AM

2:48:36 AM

3:29:56 AM

3:55:52 AM

4:16:34 AM

4:59:42 AM

9:35:16 AM

10:21:44 AM


Ports: 3035, 2066, 2201, 2347, 3726, 3518, 2595, 2446, 4606, 3779, 3485



3:11:18 PM   Port 3306

11:01:04 PM   Port 2445


One thing to note about the attempted hacks into my computer is that they all seem to happen when I am away from the computer.




07-02-06 Sunday



10:02:22 PM  (7/2/2006)   Port 3960


Observation ~7:30 PM 7/2/2006


A guy named 'Joe' is in locker room [Kroehler] with an Oriental friend . Joe is shorter or actually both are than my brother by about 6". Joe wears subdued urband tiger camo cargo shorts, but they travel bellow the knee by about 1-2". his shirt is black. His hair is wavy, long (about neck length) and dark blonde. The oriental friend wears black shorts and a black shirt and his hair is black as well. Both are lean with Joe having less fat of the two.

They where in the locker room at Kroehler since I got there (~7:30 PM to about 7:50 PM)


About the observation: Joe might be the guy who called me some –names- in the Khroeler shower room back in early June.





07-03-06 Monday


Time 7/3/2006

2:11:54 PM   Port 4175

(Reinstalled Windows XP 10 minutes before)


3:12:38 PM  Port 1217

5:33:22 PM  Port 2094

7:29:12 PM  Port 2338

10:01:12 PM  Port 1920


Time ~ 11:00 PM

Fireworks launch in public area behind back yard.


{add picture}



07-04-06 Tuesday


Time 7/4/2006

~ 8:30 PM [center pedestrian] door to Mansions opens, no car parked outside at mother's

8:47 PM familiar smell [vaginal odor]

8:50 PM go for walk in parking lots [Connie's pizza area] Find three green cars

Honda accord T90 5062

Ford Tarus  716 3181

Ford Probe 24v 520 8765


When walking away from cars [in the direction of Ogden ave] heard someone say "looking for these, [my name]?"

or "looking for me, [my name]?"


Person was male, dress in white shorts white top and was about 50-80' away


10:41 pm computer restarts [at grandma's] automatically without apparent input




07-06-06 Thursday


Time 7/6/2006

6:00 PM man at COD library takes two photographs of me while I'm surfing the web [at COD].

<There was a blonde girl at the computer terminal behind me when that happened and I had just filled stalking charges against Amy a few days before.>


8:50 PM Amy arrives out in front of 1140 Spring Garden Cr. She is dressed with a black vest, white shirt and short cut jeans. Drives something like a Lumina or Camry 90's, and dark in color. btw nice departing gesture. <I had returned form COD to my mom's sometime earlier. When she left she gave me the bird>




I mentally breakdown sometime after in Michigan, I'm hospitalized for two weeks and released.


In July 2006 I broke down again in Michigan and so I was sent to a state hospital in Kalamazoo.  I was released in two weeks their shortest turnover and for the remainder of the summer I spent my time in Michigan away from Naperville and her.




Unavailable Call (except for one)


12:35 PM 07/27/2006 Thursday

8:38 AM 07/28/2006 Friday

5:13 PM 07/28/2006

8:29 PM 07/28/2006

8:54 AM 07/29/2006 Saturday

6:58 PM 07/31/2006 Monday

8:42 PM 07/31/2006

1:19 PM 08/01/2006 Tuesday

3:58 PM 08/02/2006 Wednesday

8:27 AM 08/03/2006 Friday

11:38 AM 08/03/2006

1:04 PM 08/04/2006 866-279-7918 Saturday

2:25 PM 08/04/2006


When I returned to Illinois I took up residence with my brother and started UIC that Fall (I was supposed to start [school] in winter but Elgin held me too long so I had to take a university withdrawal and start in the fall). I did well and Amy didn't renter the picture until November 06 in which I started to have a hard time sleeping again and started going to school with body armor because I though Krunal would be told about my whereabouts and that I would be gunned down. 


It never happened but I did manage to finish the semester and even with the extra load of her at the end of the courses; I still pulled two A's and a B. I was happy but immediately once break had started the 1st night I went with my mom and brother to the pizzeria to celebrate I smelled vaginal odor again at the pizzeria and then when I went back to the apartment with my brother I heard talking outside on one of the patios (something she would do often in Normal and something that never occurred in that location in Chicago) I knew it was her again. The smell also came from under floor boards a few minutes later meaning that they had entered the basement underneath. There is a separate key to the basement as the unit and the basement are spate. Knowing them I didn't move I just sat on the couch very still. But Mark and Amy knew that two people where in the apartment, my brother and myself what they didn't know is that Jeremy the guy upstairs was home and because the footsteps can be heard through two floors and because he and my brother are not sensitized to the knocking of the floor like I am they banged the 1st floor/ basement ceiling thinking the Jeremy was me and thus giving it away that they we're back to torment me. After about a week of little sleep and lots of harassment I broke down again and I was taken to the hospital this time UIC hospital. I didn't sleep much there either but after agreeing to go to outpatient with Dr Ward I was released in one week.


I have my suspicions that Toni the guy who lives diagonal from brother gave them the key to the basement, probably being told that I'm some sort of drug dealer. (He drives an unmarked ford interceptor with government tags. So he has some function in police work or government I don't know which). 


12-19-06 Tuesday


Lock comes unloose at my brother’s apartment.

 I went back to live with my grandma on weekends but had only a suspicion that my grandma’s had microphones AND speakers in the walls and had some very weird dreams about allybenenze, ma hung, phenylproplene glycol, being asked in a female voice with some male background voice asking her questions. Now looking back at it I know that Amy was interrogating me about whether I knew or had experience with methamphetamine precursors. The answer was something like {Ma hung? is that some sort of Asian porn star?} She didn't like that answer.


In mid January I was extremely queasy and going to school I thought I would be shot to death again by some mob headed by Krunal or something. Anyway the interrogations started again but where limited due to the extreme cold of the Chicago winter that made standing in the basement below my brother's apartment intolerable but as the weather warmed up so too did the sleep talking.  By mid march I wanted my mom to get an apartment in the Clinton Complex so I could be away from her. Once my mom got the apartment settled it was finals week for Winter semester 07.  I settled in but didn't notice that the people below me where Amy and the DEA. They either had bought the apartment in August 26/2006 like the real estate listing says and somehow convinced my mom to buy the unit above them or rented the unit out once I moved in. Never the less the sleep talking went up exponentially and I was being told in my sleep to look for places to plant marijuana, magic mushrooms, etc.


Once again in a Schadenfreude manner I dropped my CD player while listening to Aquarius – Sex Is Not The End and upon my stumbling to pick it up I smelled vaginal odor again. Then I knew why I was having thoughts again about drugs, she was trying again to get me into serious trouble. She wants me to commit suicide at best, being found guilty of breaking some drug law, 2nd best, committing aggravated assault, 3rd. And with the DEA giving her support plus whatever neighborhood networks and people allowing their apartments to be used by her and the DEA I have no place to get away from them and the somniloquy that follows. 


I started summer school, but broke down again, about 1/3 the way through and had to be hospitalized but this time Amy went in to the ward after me. She was wearing an eye patch over one of her eyes (said she punched herself) used the alias Katalina, same height, hair color, body frame and production of vaginal odor. (In other words she got off doing this.) Likewise once in the hospital every time I would be just about going to sleep she would kick the door. And so to did the smell come back when she went into one of the conversation rooms to have sex with a couple (posing?) janitors, I never told the psychiatrists this because that would lead to a longer stay as one of the psychiatrists in training actually wanted that.  


After I got out and went back to living at the new apartment but with my brother or mother sleeping next to me. Still she found ways to use the somniloquy again even with a sibling sleeping next to me [I doubt this is somniloquy at this stage, more like “v2k” but not knowing it]. Once I got a loft bed they immediately received access to the apartment above me thus negating the loft bed that I waited over month to receive.

I went back to my grandma's but now staying in the basement instead of upstairs and this soon turned out to be of no use. I've gotten upset several times this semester (on weekends primarily) but have found that it is really hard to try and stop them from harassing me while I sleep. 




Sometime on a Tuesday or Thursday between 09-01-07 and 09-18-07 and between the hours of 2 pm and 5 pm the guy next to me [in analytical chemistry] ‘Roberto’ made mention of methamphetamine while cleaning out his unknowns (3x 200 or 250 mL volumetric flasks)


During much of the month of September excluding the week (09-23-07 – 09-29-07) ‘Chris Kusper’ made many mentions of steroids, HGH and the desire to be ‘like Ronn Coleman’. This would occur MWF after class (between 11:00 am and ~12:30 – 1:30 pm)


09-14-07 Friday or 09-15-07 Saturday


Broke the window in the small house in Michigan after having an argument with my mother on the ride to Michigan


09-17-07 Monday


7:10 – 7:20 pm She is spotted wearing {add picture} while walking a small dog ~20 – 28” long


She was wearing the blue sleeved white shirt with blue jeans. And her hair was blonde.


09-24-07 Monday


3-4 pm <- somewhere in this time slot. A woman wearing a pink t-shirt, blond hair & checkered shorts sat down next to me in the Vista lab. ~2 seats down to the left. Stayed about 15-20 min


09-29-07 Saturday


Morning (1 am - _ ?) (sometime within this timeframe) (3) dream that had a disturbing command/goal for me to pursue



A typical Amy exchange


“I see you didn’t go to the gym this week”

“Well I had too much to do”

“Chris is gaining on you”

“Yeah but Chris doesn’t train for mass, as he would put it.”

“How do you know? How do you know he doesn’t train negatives behind your back?”

“Because if he did it would show”

“Oh so you must be doing roids”

(I usually get angry at this point)



09-30-07 Sunday


~11pm – 12 am

Possible ‘odor’ during fight (verbal) with my mother location is in the 3 bed area of the large house in Michigan. Went to [the] hospital [St Joseph] was released.


10-01-07 Monday


Dreams had a suspicious topic to the dream.


10-02-07 Tuesday


Power knocked out shortly after sleep (~12 am + 30 – 50 min) was out for 2 hrs 20 min. Dreams about a black man; some sort of teacher I remembered complimenting him about being intelligent in away that I am not.


10-02-07 Tuesday Evening – 10-03-07 Wednesday Morning


Nothing unusual in the way of dreams during this sleep almost a good nights rest except that it was a little short.


10-03-07 Wednesday Evening – 10-04-07 Thursday Morning


Played South Park where Tom Cruise hides in the closet. Had dreams about Scientology (which is not surprising) nothing in the way of being harassed by those individuals. Overall a good nights rest.


10-06-07 Saturday


Day of writing


Relational Aggression


Verbal Abuse



Psychological Trauma



Mental Abuse



On Saturday, even a little further back as I was going to Radio S___ I had designed a circuit that would record any noises that where made at night while I slept. I talked in low voice but still out loud as I was designing the circuit. One of the things that the design required was 0.001 uF capacitors. I head out to Radio S____ didn't see anything until I arrived there. What I saw was amazing a Chinhook? unmarked helicopter or a helicopter with a front and back rotor was hovering over the back entrance to the strip mall behind Radio S___ the underside was painted orange. Anyway this hovered and I didn't think much of it just went in to Radio S___. I look for all the components I need and got them all except for they didn't have 0.001 uF capacitors. I said in a quite voice but still out loud while designing the circuit that this component might reduce or eliminate the oscillation problem I was having with my circuit. Anyway I had heard Czech being spoken in the store room area and out came this other guy working at the store. After I couldn't find the microphone element I asked him where it was. He looked it up and found it for me. But as he was talking to me he trying to keep a pleasant face towards me but every now and then he would slip up a little and let a little hidden anger out at me when I talked about things that I liked. I didn't think anything of it. But I bought all my stuff and left and I as I left the helicopter left so basically the helicopter was hovering there from the time I got there to the time that I left which was about an hour. Now that is pretty expensive I estimate 5 - 10 thousand dollars of fuel we're burnt keeping that thing there.


Oh yeah the helicopter was probably there because of this word association


Radio S___  goes to Tand_ Corpar__ion goes to K_ren Tand_  which in turn goes to -is the- head of the DE-


Also I just noticed all that at the time but when as was putting my circuit together and thinking about all the things that were around like the hovering helicopter that stayed the entire time I was in the store and the sales person with the anger behind pleasant face and the fact that they where out of 0.001 uF capacitors and that the sales person said that they didn't have any in the back room without even going back there to check. It eventually made sense.


10-06-07 Saturday Evening – 10-07-07 Sunday Morning


Here is a weird dream most likely the result of some coward style interrogation.


Between oct/6/07 and oct/7/07 Sat to Sun


Had a dream Sunday morning. What I remember was the part where I was in a log cabin talking to a dad and his family. Everything seemed ok (no aggression) and the conversation was mostly about his daughter, but then the conversation voice became more emotionless from the original chipper mood. And some male voice began to inquire about LSD. The scenery changed to hunting in a wheat field or some other tall grass field with shot guns. The shot guns where later explained to be used to hunt dick. Anyway the conversation repeatedly asked about LSD and ended with something like 'no you may not marry my daughter', thus the remainder of the dream was non-chipper or down.


Question 1: Why where drugs (LSD) asked about in this dream?


Question 2: What direction as the emotionless voice (or actually a little bit down beat authority like voice) coming from?


Question 3: What to do to have dreams in which drugs are not involved.


I am wondering if this night was another attempt to embarrass me "in front of" another person I know.




10-07-07 Sunday Evening


I read and wrote on the computer a lot today. Something for my mom: Yes on the weekends it seems that I get a lot more aggravated then on the weekdays.


The best thing may not be “benzos” but something sacrificial to break like 2” x 4”s and an ax. Because I do lose energy when hitting trees for five or more minutes and then become more relaxed.


Such other attempts are the ones to “Show me” or to “demonstrate to me” that they’re people out there that are weirder than me. Such as the spotting of two psychopathic people on Harrison Street at two different times during the day. Both occurring as I headed to the Clinton Complex.

The finding of torn up police DO NOT CROSS lines in the area behind


10-08-07 Monday


~8:30 am Anyway on Monday as I was walking to school I saw one of the Chemical Engineering students [Max] walking down Clinton and as he came to a stop on Clinton and Harrison, a professor that was nice to me way back at the beginning of fall semester 06, and was friendly towards my mom too, crossed the street westward in our (the other ChemEng student and my) direction he only said Hi to the other student, didn't make eye contact me and started to cross the south bound intersection, basically he gave me the icey shoulder. All of this, and I don't know what said about me to him, why he is being cold. I just don't know.


Also on Monday the 8th at around 6 - 6:10 pm I saw the girl with the red shorts walking away from me wearing the blue back pack with strings similar to a blue back with strings that I use to keep my gym clothes in, she was heading towards the Athletic center. (I guess they thought that because I hadn't brought my blue string back pack with me in over a week that I was going to go to the athletic center after classes where out so she was planted ahead of me once I got out of my last class for the day. Also this girl with red shorts had came at sat down by me in the Dailey library sometime in mid to late September to use the computer next to me to find material to be picked form the reference desk adjacent to the computer terminal (she was wearing red shorts and a gray/white T-shirt but no back pack that time, the second time she was wearing a gray/white T-shirt with something about athletics written on the back of it and wearing the blue back pack on her back.)


I am thankful today for finding those cause stalking websites and being able to communicate with a few people about my problems.


10-09-07 Tuesday


On Tuesday there might have been something weird that happened in the morning but I'll report on that if more becomes of it.


10-10-07 Wednesday


To start off I had sent out an e-mail to a few people about cause stalking on Sunday, some of those people responded impartially. And other's now seem to think that I'm weird or at least are trying to avoid me. So it was another gamble that didn't seem to pay off. Unless my e-mail was intercepted and re-written, they probably think I'm weird because of that now, but being labeled as weird doesn't matter too much. The cause stalk of the day was when I left my brother's at 11:50-12:05 pm, when as I headed down on a low traffic brick back street road an unmarked government vehicle drove by me. I was heading to the get to a computer to write about the stuff above. Strange isn't it?


Also the guy who keeps talking about steroids and human growth hormone, talked to me earlier today and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the gym with him. On Monday he just ran out of the class once it was over and didn't seem to want to talk to me. I guess because I went to the gym on Tuesday whoever is overseeing all this probably asked him to close in on me again. (I had stopped going to the gym about a week ago with him because 70% of conversations are always steroids and growth hormone.) It doesn't take much to figure this one out, basically you have the DE- after you, trying to have you either A) commit suicide B) break a drug law and/or C) assault someone. So if such and such agency who specialize in _such_ wants to throw you in jail they'll have someone undercover go after to try to talk you into breaking the laws that such and such agency enforces. 


Anyway they're probably be more of this cause/Vigilante stalking later in day and for sure as the week goes on. (unless by writing this they decide to ignore me to -prove me wrong- (but that would be only for limited amount of time anyway)).


10-12-07 Friday


On Friday prior to going to the (N) police station, I see a blue car on Harrison west bound preempting a left turn from me onto Racine. When I do not turn into the left lane (as to go to my brother's) the driver skits the car out of the left turn lane and into the straight traffic lane. I make a right turn and do no see the car till later.



I went to the Naperville Police and reported that. But they sent some investigator in tear down my story accuse me of making it up. After reading my story he attacked my mental health even though there was nothing in the story that would raise a mental health flag (In other words he knows that his purpose there was to discredit me and intimidate me into signing some statement about how the story was some fantasy of mine, rather than help me in anyway.) He also told me that there are no statue of limitations on rape, even though Illinois seems have some sort of 2 years clause (that may have changed but I don’t know), and he said that my story isn't credible because I waited until now to file, because even if someone who committed a misdemeanor such as voyeurism would not go to jail if they went to the police to tell them that they where raped. (I don't believe this because the Naperville police came down hard on brother with an arrest warrant (for a misdemeanor) for telephone harassment because admitted to doing so under investigation.


**Other's beware** The biggest intimidation tactic (the biggest gun in his arsenal) was the filing a false police report, and stating that this is a felony offense and trying to make me feel like I was there have fun with the police at their time expense. Thus he implied if the assailant denied the allegations I would come under scrutiny and by having a medical record I wouldn't be believed. It was pretty scary.



At ~1:40 pm I leave the Naperville police station by making a turn left onto River road north bound. There are cars waiting for the light to turn green on River and Aurora. The SUV ahead of me has LP NO. SOS 1983 The vehicle is silver, and the driver makes a right turn onto Aurora Ave east bound.


I go to my Grandma's she is not there so I went to CoD. When I leave CoD at around 8:00 pm I see a blue car same make and model as the one aforementioned heading west bound on 22nd street ahead of me. At the intersection of Lambert and 22nd I make a left turn and head south bound. I don't see this car again.


When I get to the left turn which leads to Raymond Dr south bound I see ahead of me a Honda Gray-brown metallic minivan making a left. When I arrive at just before my Grandma's the minivan pulls into the Khurt's driveway. It says there with the lights on. I look over to the right and see the SUV at 1103 Hidden Spring in the driveway with its lights on also. I get out and go into my Grandma's. I'm in the kitchen and the then in the living then into the bathroom where I stay for a few minutes. While I am in the bathroom after about 2-3 minutes after I entered there are the sound of fireworks being launched outside. Nothing else happens for the rest of the day.


10-14-07 Sunday


~7:30 pm check mail at mother’s. Mail is in [the] outbound basket. Mail is not in the mailbox. Drive back to Grandma’s stop in driveway. Wait about 1min to relax. One of the Khurts comes out and starts the red car in their drive way. And drives off after another minute or 2 another Khurt starts the van and drives it to the sidewalk, stops, gets out and runs inside. About 30 seconds later starts blue car and drives it off the drive way and drives off. Blue [car] headed east, red car went west


10-15-07 Monday


As I am leaving with my grandma to go to the train station at around 7:50 am one of the Khurts takes their blue car and heads off in the west direction, just after I get outside. Also a male is seen talking on the phone outside on the driveway of 1109 Hidden Spring at the same time.


I'm not sure about the next two observations but I'll include these anyway.


On the train I see a blonde girl who looks a lot like the picture of JB she had on a white jacket thin brown skirt 1-2 inches past the knees, it looked to be a part of a dress. She had a red I pod mini (or about 1 1/4 inch by 3 inch) two hand bags one larger than the other both appeared to be brown, a green thin sweater like material covering her forearms, two silverish rings one each hand And also she had brown thin nylon stockings and brown boots. She was standing in the doorway area of the carts, I have my doubts that she is JB but the picture of JB and the face of the girl on the train closely match.


Also on the train an African American lady passes out in the middle of the walkway area and the conductor was called in to assist. The train was just about to go into the tunnel area of union station, the area that is dark in day light.


Great news the professor that gave me the icey shoulder said Hi today. He said it to everyone but he still said Hi.


The guy who talks about growth hormone slipped it in only once while I was talking to him over lunch. I asked him if he was going for 225 on the bench and he said something like -no I'm going for 185 I would need growth hormone for that-. He also was talking briefly about ephedra as a diet aid and mentioned that it was illegal. The nice thing is that his conversations no longer for the most part revolve around illicit substances in the strength and fitness world. Unfortunately though he still mentions these things.


Time 6:16 - 6:22 pm

A girl with brunette hair having a blonde streak in the hair, wearing glasses and walking in a kyphosis posture looks over her shoulder east in the direction of me. I am walking on the path just northeast towards Halstead & Harrison, she is walking on the North path towards the Student residence and commons court yard. The girl is wearing a white shirt with blue sleeves and jeans.


10-16-07 Tuesday


The observation for Tuesday was that my mom's luggage was lost and had to be reported.


10-17-07 Wednesday


Khurt's minivan arrives form the east direction at same time as my mother arrives from the west direction at 7:13 - 7:14 pm. My mom's cellphone is unable to call my Grandma's home from my grandma's drive way.


When I walk outside I hear some people talking over on the end of Staufer Rd. Someone yells "{something}, yeah!" and a red car backs out with the rear of the car heading into Hidden Spring then a dark color SUV accelerates off down Stauffer south bound. And the red car then turns right onto Staufer south bound and accelerates after the SUV. The LP NO. of the red car was not captured when the opportunity presented itself.


<My take is that I am going to see a lot more of this stuff, since the nature of this tactic is in a legal grey area, (as opposed to launching fireworks) that there may be few or no direct legal method(s) to end this sort of harassment.>


<Anyway this sort of behavior is not the most disruptive of things that they have down.>


Also the guy who back in September just about talked only about GH [Chris Kusper] did not mention growth hormone or anything else of that nature, on Wednesday.



10-18-07 Thursday


<I have my suspicions that the somniloquy/hypnopedia or at least the hypnopedia has started again because the fact that I almost never remember my dreams and that my voice of <inner conscious> still remains 35% female (Amy) 30% my own and 35% other male (DE& interrogator). My normal 2004 inner conscious was 80%-95% my own voice, and at that time I would remember my dreams on and off (about two weeks on and two weeks off. Not like now where every night I don't remember what I was dreaming about. That and the fact that in order to have two or three in inner conscious voices requires that the conversations between me and her or me and the other male have to be very frequent for this to happen.>


10-19-07 Friday



When I opened the garage today at 7:45-7:52 am. I saw a girl wearing a white or pale color jacket starting to walk from the side of the street across from my grandma on the side walk there. She was moving in the east direction. I went and picked up the mail as the girl crossed Stuaffer rd. She had dark blue jeans on, blonde hair and was walking two mid-sized/large sized dogs, one was black with ~7 inch long fur the other was golden brown with similar length hair. I dropped the mail off and then looked in her direction, she began to move again south down Staufer. When my grandma pulled out and I got into the car (took about 1 min) and we drove off down Hidden Spring and then Stauffer we saw the girl on Stuaffer where it T-ees with another road to the right (as you are driving south bound). She was at that junction but to the left (so the top of the T) Where the side walk is continuous. She had knelt down as my grandma's car approach and looked down until my grandma's car was close to orthogonal to her and then she lifted her head in time to see me pointing her out to my Grandma.




The guy who was talking about growth hormone all the time in September did not stick around to ask me if I wanted to exercise with him, today. He just left.


The professor who gave me the icey shoulder about two Mondays ago, was not in a happy mood. <but whether this was due to me or more likely his own situation, I don't know.>




The guy at a Radio Shack was also nice yesterday. (I went in to buy wire and there was no hidden aggression behind his smile during this encounter.)



4:08 - 4:10 pm


See two people one wearing an orange jacket and dark jeans [physically] thinner than the second person who was wearing a blue (solid) color [jacket]. both blonde. Walking both a black and a golden-brown colored dogs (in between the two). The one in orange when arriving at the North end of the hill slows down looks in my direction and heads off with the two.  The black dog had a red collar. The jeans on the larger women where lighter then that with the orange jacket.


<They come as I finish cutting down the branches my grandma wants cut>

They travel from west to east.




Prior to 8:50 pm ~ 8:25 - 8:50 pm


One group comes from the east into the valley. Another seems to come from the west. <I had just taken out my weights that I was going to use for jumps.> Everyone is dressed in black except one. The group splits up somewhere along the creek. Someone from one of the groups furthest to the left yells 'Andrea' 'Andrea' [repeatedly] One of the groups then moves from left to right with one of its members wearing all white. (this group is about ten strong)


They move to the hill and leave. I go down to the base of our hill and onto the public area then back up to do a few more jumps. As a train comes I do three more jumps. When I look [down to the area behind the two big trees, I see] three or four people all in black move from left to right on the public land [area]. (The third person a group of two people or is a large individual). The middle one shines a (flash?) light at me [White LED in nature]. After they leave I head down the hill to put the weights into the basement then I see that a ceiling fan light in the 1109 neighbor's had been turned on. When I reach the bottom this light turned off as I was about to enter the basement.


10-20-07 Saturday


(red herring)


Starting at around 7:30 pm


Lots of noise/commotion outside Grandma's back yard are. When I looked outside saw two people walking left to right and some one to the left (behind a tree) was shinning a flash light on them. For the most part what went on outside was ignored. But at ~9:30 pm fireworks where launched first in [a] string and the one long pause another long pause as to sound like gun shots. At ~9:43 pm all activity seemed to cease.


10-21-07 Sunday


Smelled garbage or some other foul odor in the basement of my grandma's (evening upon arrival). Grandma had gone to Michigan earlier in the day.


10-22-07 Monday


Thought Entry.


My sincerest belief is that they & she still -hit- my head at night.


My mind is full of her garbage talk, yet I seldom hear her talk in consciousness. [“v2k”; at this point in my life I still think that most of the talking is happening during my sleep but neglect the subtle chatter that is happening in my mind during the day]


Whatever they use is probably more advanced than sominolquy, but that is what she started off with.


IDEA: I'm guessing that this agency or inter-agency has software that can break down keyboard typing even on a computer not hooked up to the internet, by just listening to the keystrokes. [Mind reading more likely]


Anyway, they still attack me primarily when I sleep at night. When I wake up especially after a deep sleep in which I have no recollection of; as the day progresses I remember memories of conversations in which I never had (at least in a conscious state of mind). That is I do not recall speaking awake to anyone yet I have the memory of speaking to someone, recently.


In this way I feel violated more so then the other ways but those other ways also cause me to feel violated. I have someone very cold, bitter, upset with any of my successes in my life, interrogating me, telling me what to believe, telling me what to do. Basic Sociopath, night after night a pause between two or three nights but nothing more.


Before 6:19 pm


Walking east bound to union station hear Taxi honk horn in musical fashion.


Also in class outside overcast. Receding light makes for easy observation of class through window.


Smell [during class] Vaginal odor (carboxylic)





Things which she has told me through this piece of sh_ method


To stop working the trapezius muscle


To stop working the pectorial muscles


To gain weight (fat) both in Spring 2006 and again in Summer 2007.


That her kyphosis walking posture last Monday (Oct 15) was an attempt at mocking me that it was not done to attempt to evoke my sympathy as I had thought.




-Throat microphone/or something which can listen in to what I say without actually saying it at my grandma’s

-Awkward dreams with interrogation

-Dreaming is emotional

     The emotional amigdala is active but the rational part of the brain (prefrontal cortex is not)

-Any sleep interaction with bureaucrats will be denied and I will be labeled a mental patient

-Dreaming is a learning process and pain that occurs during dreaming will be fastly reacted to in a way to minimize that pain without calculation and context/perspective from the prefrontal cortex.

-Such results from nightly interrogation are used to justify further involvement by the bureaucrats against me.

-Pain inflicted during the dreaming process causes me to learn ways during sleep to minimize the pain without thinking about the consequences of quick agreements to end the pain during the sleeping process.

     (Because during sleep I simply cannot because my entire brain is not functioning)

-Responses to pain are carried from the dream process to the conscious day to day process.

-Relational aggression (during the day time).



10-23-07 Tuesday


Hard drive fails to start in the old computer.


10-25-07 Thursday


Saw the -person who lives at 1140 Spring Garden Cr- and the woman with the dogs (at my mother's) [are] walking in the driveway area just as my mother arrived from picking me up from the train station. Time ~ 5:55 pm. My mom waves at the neighbor but she doesn't wave back.


10-26-07 Friday


When using showers I place my shoes gloves & shirt in a separate locker: use 1148 as the lock code. Lock is unable to open after coming out of the shower. <East gym 12-3 pm UIC>


10-29-07 Monday


Two people where walking a long side me one talking to himself loudly singing some song in a fearful way while I cross the bridge Northward over I-290. Then walking Eastward over the first bridge North of I-290 a Mercedes Benz looking light SUV silver skits towards me while honking horn before 6:20 and after 6:02 pm <I'm on the North Shoulder walking past the first or second light East of the bridge. There is a no parking area just before the light and the SUV skited into this area.>



Prior to 7:51 pm I leave train to go to the departure area and payphone my mother. I notice some girl with bleach blonde hair looking outside <the departure area window Southward>. She acts in a similar manner to the girl who entered the mental hospital after me in June. (Hair color is the same, behavior is the same, fearful to some degree) Anyway was wearing glasses a white vest jacket a light blue sweater with pattern, loose nit. Dark jeans. She was picked up by some middle aged man (balding, grey hair) in a black, what looked like an old Lexus.


11-01-07 Thursday


An armored vehicle honked horn at me [while traveling south bound on Halsted] at the intersection just north of I-290 and just west of the Kennedy [Van Burren and Halsted]. I was waiting at the light to cross East front the Northwest corner. Time was ~4-5 [pm]


11-02-07 Friday


At ~ 11:00 am an unmarked police car (Ford interceptor metallic green-gray brownish) sounded one of its attention seeking sounds. (Not the horn but one of those loudspeaker sounds) I was walking with 4 other ChE students to the food courts. <the car was in the road area immediately south of the athletic center. We had just gotten off the bus stop closet to the athletic center on the east side of the road.>


Also at ~ 3:50 pm after being picked up by my mother <from the train station>, we picked up food and went to my grandma's in the driveway I saw some woman with short dark wavy hair talking to the people at 1105 and then went to 1109 she had a dog small with curls (black). Then at the moment I got out of the car a woman on the sidewalk across the street began to move she was walking two dogs one was black both mid-sized. She was blonde had on a light blue jacket.


11-05-07 Monday


While walking back to brother’s place from [the Mayor Daiely Library]

{add diagram}


Impala #2 drove past me, went all the way to the end of the circle and came back then after ~30 sec Impala #1 drove past me.


{add diagram}



All this happens ~20-30 min before 8:35 pm


8:48 pm hear bumping (metallic) bellow my feet at my brother’s while sitting in chair.


{add diagram}


11-12-07 Monday


Leaving at 5:55 pm from CME 471 made [my] way to Jefferson from Harrison. Two cars suspect swarm me just after I turn north bound on Jefferson. At Union Station a taxi honks at me from Clinton Street. Take the 6:12 pm train to Naperville and RT 59.


Get off at Naperville stop. As I walked to the library I am swarmed continuously. One of the cars is a red minicooper?


{add diagram}


Get home to grandma’s at 7:26 pm


Two unknown phone calls at 7:20 and 7:21 pm


Also saw the Dr who gave me the cold shoulder today while waiting for the 8:00 am train. Said hello.


11-13-07 Tuesday


Find bottom lock to Chem 222 lab equipment opened. Find that pipet bulb from the top lock[er] is missing. The lock to the top lock[er] was locked.


11-16-07 Friday


~11:00 pm horn is honked loudly on street immediately south of the athletic center. I don’t bother to turn around.


11-17-07 Saturday


When leaving my mother’s at ~1-2 pm Carol H. simultaneously arrives.


11-19-07 Monday


Gray-Silver car honks horn between 8:40 am and 9:00 am just as I turn west on Van Burren after heading south on Clinton.  Car is heading west bound on Van Burren.


After 4:35 pm but before 4:50 pm vehicle honks horn behind my mother and I when walking east bound on Taylor just after the Taylor and Wood intersection. (Coming back from a Drs appointment)


11-23-07 Friday


Horn honked when I opened the car door to go to the Kholer YMCA. Time after 5:00 pm. Returned home (my mood was upbeat despite the initial harassment) time ~8:00 – 9:00 pm. Grandma goes to bed [and] I am in the basement kitchen when fireworks are launched outside.


More fireworks at ~10:10 pm


11-24-07 Saturday


After leaving Khroler my mom goes to Jewel [on Ogden Ave]. She leaves and then after my brother moves from passenger to driver’s side, a car rolls in to right. There is one empty parking space between us and the car. When she stops she sounds the car alarm for ~10 sec and then. Anyway she gets out and shampers-shuffles towards Jewel. She looks back in my direction as she hustles toward the store. Brunette wearing black out fit LP NO. ARP or ARB car light color and late model probably German (Mercedes/BMW).  


12-03-07 Monday


Time 5:50 pm. I walk out of class and see ~4 cars in front of the [Mayor Daiely] library but my mom is not there. I then go back and around into the [Mayor Daiely] library east entrance from the south and wait until ~6:10 pm then I go back out. There are only one of two cars/SUVs now. I wait ~5 min then walk.


Anyway I don’t see anything unusual in the way of cars at this time as I walk down the street. (When I got out [of the library] some cars where behaving weird). When I waited 5 min in front of the library one SUV dark metallic bayish green drove past me in that cause stalk manner.


However when I got to Racine there was a SUV with its lights on. It was some sort auxiliary government vehicle (parking patrol, or something like that). When I crossed the street [Racine] and the driver noticed me he took off. I made my way towards my brother’s by going through the alley and immediately ahead I saw a car “T” the alley.


{add diagram}


When I got my brother’s his lights were not on so I went back through the alley. I was spotted as I crossed the street so I kept walking until I found a place to lay low. After a minute a car went down the alley but could not find me. Then a helicopter flew overhead but unfortunately for me I was spotted. Another car went by but knew where I was, so it didn’t make a difference. I walked out of the alley and was immediately spotted again.


{add diagram}


Then as I crossed Racine again another car just lingered at the {add descriptor} So I made a left. Now as I went into the next E-W road two more turned in. As I walked I saw cars waiting in and around those areas {add picture} plus two or three [cars] driving down that E-W lane.


Now as I came to the Morgan circle there was another in the garage area and then two more cars in Morgan circle (one was driving the other was standing) {add diagram}


I went back to the library called my mother and waited until my brother came in and got me. Then as I went to my mom’s car a SUV drove in that cause stalk manner around us on Morgan. It stayed in front of us as we turned into Taylor and then at Halsted it turned right as we turned left towards Giordano’s. We went to Giordano’s and the remaining time was much without incident.


12-04-07 Tuesday


Day was pretty much uneventful until arriving at the Naperville train stop somewhere around 3:50 pm. The walk to the [Naperville Public] library only resulted in one or two strange vehicle behavior.


One was


{add diagram}


It stopped awkwardly at the stop sign then pulled into a drive way ahead of me and stayed there until I started to There where probably one or two more of these cause stalkers but not much in terms of


When at the library I called my grandma and waited outside the 1st glass door of the library and see 3 more cause stalker cars move by the library. (They just came in from a direction, didn’t pick up anyone or drop off anyone kind of look and go.) They left and I still waited for some time for my grandma to come.


She finally came to pick me up. As my grandma drove me home on Stauffer two SUVs sat with their lights on in a court off of Stauffer and one white SUV sat in front of my grandma’s approach and took off as she closed in.


{add diagram}


Then once we went home I went into the basement but kept the lights off. After ~5 min a helicopter flew overhead from 4:53 – 4:56 pm according to the black clock in the basement and that was that as far major events go.


12-17-07 Monday


Amy is here in Wyoming, or at least her behavior is. As I woke up I had heard a ball drop (a sensitizer) timed to one of my thought processes; there also was a lot of wood on wood sounds coming from below. (This all [was] in the morning). In the evening when I went into the bathroom they went into the bathroom underneath and ran the faucet twice. And when I left to go swimming they left and opened up the curtains so that I could see inside (partly) their place while I was in the pool. (A throw back to 2005 when Amy would leave her curtains open so that I could see inside without her being at her place).


12-18-07 Tuesday


At ~3:30 pm was done skiing [so I] went to [the] hotel and while walking back [I] came across a parking lot where the room below us was visible. The odd thing about the room below us is that the curtains are open when everyone else (at least on this day) have theirs closed. Anyway I saw a figure notice me and move out of the way.


We went out for sometime (my mom, brother and I) and when we came back ~6:30 pm I went out to the pool area and looked into the room below us. It took some time but when my mom and brother came into our room and turned on the lights some guy (shirtless) jumped off the bed in the unit below us. I watched him until he went to the window.


Now when I went back to the room I thought to myself about exercising triceps, bracialis, bracoradalis and upper trapezius. I went to the weight room and saw two girls one weight lifting and another on the treadmill. They left after about 5 min, then about 5 min after that some guy came in wearing light blue shorts with a white stripe (Orlando Magic?). He proceeded to do 50 lb DB shoulder press followed by 25-20 and then 35 lb (I took the 30 lb for triceps) seated arm curls. Then after that he loaded the smith machine with some amount of weight and did barbell shrugs. When I left he immediately stopped and went on an exercise bike. He had black curly hair and a white shirt and an ipod. Time ~7:15 – 7:35 pm local. He also came in with some other guy who spoke a foreign language to him: this other guy soon left.


I went to the pool and when I got out one guy with a red shirt was loitering around the big pool door and two guys where standing in the hall. They stopped talking as I approached them [then they] followed me to the elevator and they took it to the 2nd floor. The guy in red took the stairs to the 2nd floor and greeted them when they arrived. He said something to them about “switching sides”.


After I wrote that [above] passage I went back to the room. There I researched more about microwave weapons and after sometime I started having chest pains. I went to the bed because my mother needed to use the computer. The pains were at times sharp jabbing in the chest where the heart is also at other times I felt my mind stop thinking, just freezing in motion and all I could do is just stare. Third at times I felt ‘energy’ in my scrotum. This I did not like (and was in sync to my thoughts about fertility). I suspect the guy underneath us is using thought reading and microwave weapons on me.


12-19-07 Wednesday


On Wednesday things where better but I spent the majority of the time outside of the room, I still have to go to the room to sleep [though]. Also I had no chest pains all day to this point.


12-25-07 Tuesday


Before bed I had strong chest pains and at one point when I went to the kitchen [downstairs] one time upon several a very sudden burst of pain shot through my chest and down my left arm. (This was at my grandma’s at 11-12 pm)


12-29-07 Saturday


Cointelpro is simply the FBI trying to get rid of someone. With me they’ve tried to induce a heart attack in me probably by microwave irradiation (recently). They have also tried to get me angry and/or psychotic enough to assault or kill someone. On about two or more occasions this has been Amy, and now once again they try to push me off a legality cliff.


Prior they would microwave irradiate my skull with voice to skull technology until I understood that those extra male and female voices in my head were not my own. And upon my discloser of the above they are going to label me as schizophrenic as they have done with everyone else that they have used this technology on. They also have the ability to read sublingual thoughts although I don’t understand the technology behind that (RFID in the throat?) 


Anyway using both microwave RF and speakers (at different times) they have injected thought processes into me as I sleep at night. These particular thoughts are some what embarrassing to disclose, but more importantly their action in this manner will also be denied. And I will again be labeled as mentally ill.


All in all there is one main persistent goal of this government outpost and that is to eliminate me in one form or another. If one process doesn’t seem to work they switch to another and another and another. (Another particular thought process which was injected [in]to me while I slept at night was for me to jump in front of the Metra train as it arrived at the train stop.) and there is another process I can think of but don’t want to say due to it’s embarrassing nature. Anyway when viewed altogether it is looking like I am the target of a Cointelpro elimination game and thus I should take precautions to prevent my elimination. 


01-03-08 Thursday


If I speak about or actually think about the past: more writing about observations.


It seems that the FBI/DEA present allegations to my neighbors and other people of the general public. These people in turn show distaste for me and are willing to harass, stalk and otherwise make me feel [the] very most unwelcome to go about my day to day routine.


The FBI/DEA also verbally attack me in the night while I sleep (and they deny this but when I wake up with a different thought process than the day before I know something is up.) I get –rewarded- for going along with their allegations and –punished- for not. To me this behavior is incredibly malicious for one it is being denied and two it alters the way I think during the day.


I get –points- for going along with their allegations and serious psychological trauma for not. All this happening while I sleep at night. Also I don’t know in detail what the FBI/DEA are accusing me of (the specifics). None of their agents have ever came up to me while I was conscious and said we think you did this, so my mind is left to wander around and around about what are they so interested in me for.


One of the things that I have done in my life is synthesized illicit drugs of any class or type. Sometimes I believe this what the FBI/DEA is alleging not only to me through advanced equipment and/or sominolquy, but also my neighbors and other people in the general public (consciously) who then in turn attempt to make me feel at the most unwelcome.


I also receive a –healthy dose- of psychological trauma for standing my ground. This comes from the neighbors stalking me, harassing me, and through sominolquy or other advanced equipment that the FBI/DEA possess (and of course deny)


Some Amy to Alex idea placement [most likely “v2k”]


Don’t work the left trapezius


My brother can bench more than you


And you don’t watch Cramer enough _____ something to that effect.


01-12-08 Saturday


Looking back Amy’s voice has been gone from the constellation of other people’s voices that run through my head on a day-to-day basis. I don’t remember the last time I’ve heard her. (Genuine, not sound board). In her place are male voices of whose I don’t know. I’ve come to understand that my thoughts or at least my sublingual voice can be heard, and that voices can be inserted into my mind using microwave or some other advanced technology. (While I’m awake or asleep).


As in the past 2-months the number of organized stalkers has increased exponentially. Many (20, 30, 40?) from the Clinton Complex are now participating. Also [participating] are a large number of people in Naperville, lots of neighbors (10s – 20s) around both my grandma’s and mom’s are participating in organized stalking. And given the number of one headlight drivers there maybe up to 50-100-200 people in Naperville organized to stalk. At Clinton lots of Asian people seem to participate (at least in the past month).


On the 2nd night in Wyoming and on the 25th-26th I had strong chest pains and on the 25th I almost had a heart attack. However at Wyoming and at my Grandma’s are both areas where they could hit me [with] their advanced technology. They gave me the chest pains right as I was going to sleep at night. I went to the ER [on] Dec 26th 07 and the doctor said I had a heart of [a] 16 yr old from [the] EEG. After getting this analysis done and because I don’t have any drugs in my system that can be used as a justification for this heart condition the chest pain just vanished (after the ER visit).


02-02-08 Saturday


Whoever Amy went to;

Times I try to piece together some the


What I remember from that night. The Amy supporting government employees have used their equipment to arouse me sexually while dreaming using Amy herself as the ‘stimulus’. This happened around April/May/June 07 further some days in Oct-Dec 07 – Jan 08 I would wake up and during the day and I know this is their doing (the government’s) with v2k and whatever else they use I would have had dreams about Amy but most times forget in the morning and when I start to think about sex, she would be in the roster which I had thrown her out of long-long time ago.


I also from time to time have the desire to try to appeal to her, or think that she is the ‘only one’ [that] I can fantasize about (but I never do while thinking about sex) etc. None of this is what I desire from deep within. They or she also tries to make herself seem more appealing than Candice or TNM.


All in all I know this is the level of government that I face against. It is their attempt to protect Amy from being charged as a rapist.


02-06-08 Wednesday


I am starting to notice again that my decisions are being controlled.

   -Like lack of desire to do homework

   -Mysteriously looking up after keeping my head down for some time just in time to see a car with one head light pass by.

   -My desire to relieve myself


Other things

Dr Wedgewood [is] commenting on things from my life (that only somebody watching me would know)

And Chris trying to avoid being with me when we return from the gym. I.e. the walk back to class (so that I can be harassed more easily)


02-08-08 Friday


Understood that I am a scapegoat of sorts. I do not have a criminal record. I contribute little or nothing and certainly nothing physically to the drug world, but the demagogy at the FBI decided to pick on me as if attacking me in personal, professional and every other manner will stall the influx of drugs into the country that and/or other crimes. In fact their colleagues at the CIA have a huge track record of importing drugs into this country. That’s a fact they will not reveal to their mob of diehard supporters. Like the phrase goes the supporters are very welcome to share the burden of harassing the people the FBI singles out but are not allowed to share any financial gain the FBI receives for its “work”.


But let’s not kid ourselves a witch hunt against me is like a blind man aiming a rifle at a bull’s eye. His stated objectives to his supporters will never be met because he cannot see the bull’s eye instead he [is] convinced others and perhaps himself that he can but when he pulls the trigger will he have reached his objectives? No. He will perhaps reach the objectives of his mission creep but not the original objectives he set out to achieve in the first place.


02-10-08 Sunday


The FBI uses v2k, DEW and other technologies to pump people under investigation full of their allegations while they sleep at night.


Go ahead ask an FBI agent about it, but first make sure the agent is hooked up to a MRI based lie detector so that none of the agent’s lies go unnoticed.


One of their strategies that I have noticed is that if I come across anything inconvenient for them they lie low for sometime and then restart using their method again at a latter time. Such was when I put the connection between “voices” in my head that where not mine and their v2k technology. They stopped almost immediately and then restarted after ~1 month but using a voice that sounds very similar to my own. They have also restarted bothering me while I sleep but tend to do so at the beginning of my sleep so that I will likely forget what they were doing to me while I slept.


{add picture}


The brass knows what is going on but it’s willfully blind about the real situation. The FBI soldiers/rank & file probably believe the party slogan: believe that they are some sort of great saviors, but unfortunately are willing to break many laws and dabble in questionable moral behavior (which makes them from a removed standpoint actual tyrants).


They also use a lot of deceit, half truths from the information they gather to paint an incorrect/incomplete picture to the mob leaders which they influence. The mob perhaps rallies behind a few slogans and basically conducts the majority of the personal contact harassing. The squad doesn’t want to hear it when it comes [to] being shown examples of people in higher positions than themselves breaking laws which they hold dear. Neither would the mob leaders (I’m expecting). The squad however is willing to break laws that they don’t care for and to allow the mob to do so as well.


The squad also doesn’t want to be inconvenienced by facts which do not back up their assertations. In fact they are willing to pollute their target’s mind while he sleeps in order to try to change the way he thinks and acts to verbal stimuli that they would benefit from in attempting to back up their allegations. There is little to no regard for factual information about the target that backs up his claims only a desire by the squad to put him into shoes that he has never filled and a very strong desire to make him seem that he actually filled the ‘shoes’ of their allegations.


Prior to 02-22-08 Friday


I was at the Khroler YMCA punching a speed bag when a young boy came up to me and started to tell me how to punch the bag better. He told me he knew tae-kwon-do and I asked him to demonstrate a kick to the bag so he did. After I told him that he was pretty good he went back to his dad? Who had sent him in my direction. (They were testing to see if I would offer to molest the kid). After that failed for them they brought in a teenage girl wearing shorts cut-off so high up her legs you could see her underwear. She went over to the hamstring curl machine (a machine I used very often back then) and did a few reps before coming back my direction. Afterwards I went to the locker room and when I came out she was waiting at the basketball court area on the stairwell conveniently in time for me to begin my climb to the front desk. Outside she got with her family into a truck or SUV that had one head light missing.


02-22-08 Friday


Video of me being driven home from the train station



Lisle Naperville Area
0:30 off to the left parking lot, hard to see (missing head light)
0:47 Missing left tail light
1:18 Missing upper left head light
1:36 Missing left head light
1:47 easy to spot
2:46 Behind bus missing head light but wasn't captured well on video
3:21 Van missing headlight

02-25-08 Monday


Right now I’m tired but I am also scared to sleep. I have a fairly good estimation as to why the amount of cause stalking has been leveled up lately. And this is also the typical experience that other’s have reported That the amount of cause stalking is increased so that the person targeted is so thoroughly trashed that few or no people will be willing to step in once the electronic weapons are stepped up in intensity. Instead the community will turn a blind eye to such torture even though some of them know that such actions run against the notion of inalienable rights. Especially ones own right to their own mind, to not be [the] subject of radio frequency weapons attacks.




02-27-08 Wednesday






02-29-08 Friday


SMOV0022 Train Horn

SMOV0023 Big Brown

While walking to school two UPS trucks drove past me and honked their horns at me. Once I got a little further down the street a car with a missing hub cap drove out of one of the side streets.

UPS 1st truck honks horn @ 1:49 and 1:52
UPS 2nd truck honks horn @ 1:54
Car with missing hub cap @ 3:20

SMOV0026 Walk home
0:52 Two Gang Stalkers One Car and One Pickup truck linger at the intersection
3:34 Woman with two dogs sensitizer

Walked to Grandma's from train station since the phone was pulled out.




Video of me leaving the train station and walking home to my grandma’s because the pay phone that I usually call home from was missing from the train station. I made my way to the library and at one intersection the gang stalkers lingered to let me know that they were watching me. At the library there where a lot boys waiting in the front section and the payphone didn’t seem to work. So I headed back to my grandma’s on foot. The streets where conspicuously absent of gang stalkers except for when I neared my grandma’s there was the woman with the two dogs.


That night after editing and publishing the video to Youtube under CointelproV2pt0 I was targeted with a heavy dose of DEW. They altered the beam from my head to my heart and then to my kidneys. I honestly thought I was going to die that night. 


03-02-08 Sunday






03-04-08 Tuesday


While waiting for my grandma to pick me up a gang stalker pulls in, in a SUV and comes out wearing a Cubs sweater then goes upstairs.
One of the neighbors open his garage door while I wait for my grandma to pick me up
The Neighbor after some period of time drives out of his garage with his left rear hub cap missing and honks his horn 0:32.
While waiting for my grandma to pick me up a second neighbor opens his garage door and comes out 1:23.

SMOV0048 – SMOV0051


03-05-08 Wednesday






SMOV0054 3:24 9:40 16:11


03-07-08 Friday





0:24 Red car missing left head light
0:34 White car missing right head light
2:35 Guy on Bicycle
5:33 Car missing right head light behind Red SUV
0:09 Off in the distance car missing right headlight
2:40 Minivan missing left headlight
3:17 Car with both headlights turned off
3:38 Car missing left headlight
4:13 Car missing left headlight
6:43 & 6:52 Car missing right headlight



0:12 White car missing left head light
2:19 Black car with both head lights off
3:10 Hanging license plate
7:02 Minivan missing left head light




03-12-08 Wednesday


[A] guy comes up to me and tells me that Wedgewood has a quiz on Friday. Chris & Jeff come in [a little while later] and tell me that there is a ‘rumor’ that Wedgewood will not be there on Friday and tell me not to show up. Later Chris tells me it’s ok to show up.


Likely all 3 where coordinated by surveillance to demonstrate that Jeff is not exactly “on my side”.




1:28 Man with cubs hat walks out of sidewalk. Cubs are a popular franchise but in this case the teams clothing was being used as a sensitizer against me in gang stalking skits.

0:10 car without head lights on
0:14 car missing left headlight
0:30 SUV missing right headlight (difficult to tell)
0:44 bus missing right headlight
0:50 jeep missing left headlight
2:21 SUV missing left headlight

1:02 car missing left headlight


03-14-08 Friday


0:08 Woman with two dogs sensitizer

0:09 horn
0:21 horn
0:27 man with cubs hat
0:36 man with cubs hat again
0:37 horn
0:52 horn
1:28 Minivan missing left front hub cap
2:06 horn
2:35 car missing left rear hub cap
0:20 horn
0:33 car missing right headlight
0:09 SUV missing left auxiliary light
03-15-08 Saturday


Psychological games 2

03-18-08 Tuesday

The FBI & DEA are involved in my case as far as I know, but using the methodology of hard fact it is somewhat difficult to squarely put the finger on them. However if had someway to record the use of various bodily pains, 'voice in head', vertigo or other negative body

The DoJ is involved in my case as far as I know, but using the methodology of hard fact it is somewhat difficult to squarely put the finger on them. However if there is someway to record the experience of various bodily pains, 'voice in head', vertigo, 'stupid ray' or other negative body effects, and the use of external harassment (horn honking, train horn honking, one head light, hub cap, etc.) that are inconjuction to what I am thinking. (Like I think this place is far enough away from them, then 2 minutes on the road and I see someone driving one headlight after 30 minutes of regular traffic.)

Bascially if the inputs of a TIs 5 senses can be recorded, at the same time with what their mind is thinking during the day and what their mind is dreaming about during the night, by that TI. It would be a lot easier to prove that various people are being used to harass that individual 1st, using the old known dissruption
methods. (i.e. Cointelpro).

2nd it would increase by a magnitude the ability to prove that the tormentors use both electronic harassment* and harassment by cause stalkers** as a means to interrupt and change what the TI's mind is thinking about during the day. (Example: The thought, not thinking out loud, but just thinking, "I think with down turn in the US economy the FBI will have a lot more vice" THUD from the floor below.)

And 3rd a TI using sensory, and mind recordings of his or her own body would find it a lot easier to prove that the tormentors do interrupt dreams, interrogate, and use various negative bodily effects coupled with mind reading and electronic voice to 'reeducate' the TI's mind during sleep. For example when the TI wakes up and his
or her thinking starts to run into mental deadends that where not there the week before.

Sleep is also used as a medium for proganda and rumor, as in waking hours.

*some electronic harassment examples: electroshock to legs, heating of the head, legs etc. 'voice in head', vertigo, stupid ray', buzzing from minor to extreme coming from the back of the head, tachycardia, hearing music from the back of the head, headaches that come as a reponse to a TIs attempt to focus on something like reading about other TIs expereinces on the web.

**Classical harassment: horn honking, train horn honking, one head light, hub cap, etc. that are intended for the TI to see after the TI has been senstized. 

03-20-08 Thursday
0:11 Car missing right headlight
1:22 Car Idling in driveway
03-21-08 Friday
0:21 car missing right headlight
0:31 car missing right headlight
0:37 car missing right headlight
1:39 car missing left headlight
3:22 car missing right headlight
Asymmetric lighting sensitizer
03-28-08 Friday
5 girls at Portillo's discussing something about UIC. Only three of them in view. One of the girls the one closest to the camera later notified me in October of 2009 that she was Zandre Labuschagne.
 April 2008: after battling the constellation of voices particularly the male interrogator’s voice who always seemed to accuse me of manufacturing methamphetamine, finding out that my body could be manipulated like a robot (robo control as I call it), and being asked to commit suicide by hara-kiri I had a mental break down one night at my grandma’s and so I was taken to the hospital at UIC. In there I was given the option of Geodon or Risperdal; I chose Geodon. While I was in the hospital I met a girl named Cynthia, we exchanged phone numbers and soon she left the hospital. After two weeks I left the hospital. I was out of the hospital for one week when I missed one dose of the Geodon allowing the surveillance crew the opportunity to talk to me again under the plausible denial that I was schizophrenic. Being extremely sensitized to the voices and gang stalking at that moment I broke down again and was readmitted to UIC hospital. At the hospital I remember the first few days I was banging the bed so hard because I didn’t want to be there again. Anyways I was given a shot of Risperdal Consta and given oral Risperdal for two weeks so that the Consta could kick in. On my last day I was given a 50 mg Risperdal Consta injection (the particular doctor I had loves to over-medicate his patients). Also Dr Masi my outpatient psychiatrist stopped by on one of my last few days in the hospital to wish me luck for he was completing his residency and would soon be traveling outside the greater Chicago area.


Once out of the hospital for the second time it was already May and I was released just in time to see my brother graduate from UIC. That memorial day we went to Michigan and I contracted a cold after sleeping in the small room upstairs. I also got in touch with Cynthia; I had thought I had lost her for good after my second hospitalization. The gang stalking did seem to taper down after my second hospitalization though and the voices where completely absent allowing me to take a summer course without incident. In June I had grown upset with being completely out of it due to the Risperdal; I was sleeping 14 or more hours a day on the 50 mg Consta injection, when my outpatient psychiatrist Dr. Weiden, who took over my appointments from Dr. Masi after he left, decided to drop me from 50 mg to 37.5 mg. That helped a little but I was still sick of being out of it so that I at one appointment I threw the Consta needle kit on the floor and smashed it with my foot. Dr. Weiden didn’t get upset or anything but just let me go on my own since technically I wasn’t a threat to myself or others I didn’t need to be on medication.


The rest of the summer went by fine I think I had only one break in which some chemical solution of mine was tampered with while I was away from my mother’s. Cynthia and I went to the field museum once but I kept sending her gay humor videos to watch through her e-mail that she began to think that I was gay and found a new boyfriend. She still wanted to be my friend though so I stuck around.


It wasn’t until September that the gang stalkers began to increase their harassment of me that I went running back to the psychiatrists (I had become very sensitive to their techniques during the winter that I had no stomach for the slightest gang stalking skit). I figured if they wanted to make me plausibly look like I was schizophrenic then they would have to back off the harassment once I took the anti-schizophrenic medication no matter how bad it was.     


  09-30-08 Tuesday


Basically there has been a resurgence of gang stalking in my life. One such example happened on Tuesday 9-30-08 when I was working on the computer in my place. Anyway the amount of this harassment has been on the increase in recent weeks (after a summer of relatively little harassment). The following video was shot in low light conditions, my mistake, so I'll have to turn the light on next time since no image was picked up. However you can hear me at the computer while the lower neighbor rolls some sort of ball against his ceiling. I'm not sure how they do this.


SMOV0033 Ball ‘drop’ by neighbors downstairs.
Times in the video where the ball "drops"

0:38 1:03 1:09 1:14 1:21 3:30  3:38  3:48  4:09  4:18  4:26  4:33-4:41  5:20  5:29  5:38  5:48  5:56  6:05  6:15  6:55  7:09  7:17  7:22  7:39
I went into the hospital (UIC) Monday October 6th I think, where I met a guy by the name of Allen who was really experienced with drugs more so than myself and we got along really well. He asked the staff if I could be his roommate since he was bored there and once I moved into his room with him we hit it off with each other’s drug stories. We exchanged numbers and I was out of the hospital by Friday.
A bruise from attempting to give the blood drawing personal my left arm instead of my right. He couldn’t get any blood from my veins.


In the mean time I had done a withdrawal from my two extracurricular classes I was taking in the fall while awaiting to retake my requisite chemical engineering courses which where only offered in the spring. I had done this because I thought the fall semester was going to be like the spring semester all over again with the gang stalkers escalating their harassment and stalking during the month of September. Anyway I got one of the classes reinstated, the advanced organic chemistry course, and dropped the other because I didn’t do so well on the first test. Also I got my Alnet 4 channel DVR card so that I could hook up my bullet cameras to my computer so that my computer could watch the front door to our unit in the Clinton Complex while I was away thus preventing the gang stalkers from entering my dwelling while I was out and about.


The gang stalking returned to pre-September levels and I was able to complete the semester.


The next year (2009) I retook the three classes that I had dropped out of back in winter 2008. By February I was getting sick of the Consta injections that I skipped a week once. The gang stalking though manageable was still around enough so that I needed to take benzos every so often to calm my nerves. I figured that since the benzos where helping me so much with the trauma of being gang stalked and the Risperdal wasn’t doing shit, that all I needed was a steady supply of benzos and that would take care of my gang stalking problems until I could find a place deep in the woods far away from streets where gang stalkers like to roam. In May: eventually pissed off at having to take Risperdal to treat an imaginary illness (Schizophrenia) whose definition is cooked up by some group of psychiatrists working for the CIA, I decided to miss a few doctor’s appointments so as to miss getting the Consta injections. That lead to my doctor not prescribing me benzos, since they where a “treat” of sorts for showing up to appointments. Since I had built up a tolerance to them I went into withdrawal. The anxiety was pretty bad but I managed to taper myself off of them slowly. Also in May the DEW was back and they where heating up my skin while I tried to sleep at night. Eventually I would move to Michigan during the days which I didn’t have summer school and the DEW stopped.


  ~10 min and ~30 min Prior to 4:33 on T08


T08  4:45 sleep


~14:00 wake up


9:00 pm sleep


Wake up at ~ 35:00 hr


08-20-09 Thursday


10:30 pm :: f prior


08-21-09 Friday


F distant otherwise uneventful prior to 9:30 pm


10:00 pm Aircraft (new development?)


08-22-09 Saturday


K rampage prior to 9:50 am


3:12 pm strange ‘bird like’ sound from window without visual identification of bird.

Third known time happened (2nd recorded?)


K whine 7:31 pm (or 7:37 pm?) and before


08-23-09 Sunday


10:37 am, 10:40 am, 11:23 am, 11:30 am K obsession over washing pants

(1st known recorded observation)


08-24-09 Monday


10:31 am K rampage

10:45 am (11:45 EDT?) car horn

6:52 pm K yell

~10:00 pm Grandma!

10:24 pm – 11:04 pm (in between?) train horn


08-25-09 Tuesday


[Notable Event] 1st day of class


Check nights sleep

Seems no “crackle” during sleep [  ]

1:06 pm horn

1:20 pm EMS n-fade

1:24 pm EMS

Prior to 5:30 pm 3 car horns near post office, auto shop, Jefferson St complex Garage. Patrol car on one way street [north behind gray hound station]  when facing north on Jefferson.


-W entrance, T entrance, O discuss


11:47 pm – note


08-26-09 Wednesday


Prior to 9:25 am horn cluster


9:25 – 10:21 am ~ 4 loud horn closer to 9:25 am


10:57 am x 2 horn


11:28 am 11:52 am 12:25 pm 3:30 pm 4:18 pm 4:24 pm 8:10 pm

*note* times are not inclusive of all horn honks


-Between 4:24 – 8:10 pm at downstairs gym 2 horn closer in time to entrance into gym. Sound as if coming from [Jefferson st?] garage.


~11:50 pm walk home 1 [car honked] horn followed by audible acceleration. Halsted St South bound. > Video <


Elevator [south west] held at 6th floor upon arrival. > Video <


08-27-09 Thursday


H cluster around 12:00 – 1:00 am

9:00 am – H

4:42 pm

4:46 pm

10:28 pm


12:07 pm aug 17 2009

12:28 pm aug 17 2009

12:42 pm

12:50 pm ~

1:15 pm

1:20 pm

1:52 pm ~

1:54 pm

2:03 pm x 2

2:06 pm low amp

2:07 pm +++

2:42 pm x 2

2:44 pm x 2

2:46 pm

2:51 pm x 2

3:05 PM

3:15 pm low amp

3:22 pm

3:23 pm

3:25 pm

3:39 pm

3:49 pm








4:28 +++




4:47 x 2


4:54 x 2

4:57 x 2 +++ low amp


5:00 pm stop count


10:58 pm start count

10:58 pm +++

11:15 pm x 2 +++

11:54 pm

11:56 pm

12:04 am (08-28-09)


[Other Notes] SS accusing me of not working…..


08-28-09 Friday


7:57 am and ~ 5 min prior

P march followed by horn x 3 (faint x 2)

Followed by horn of different composition


11:20 am EMS

11:23 am horn

11:27 am EMS

3:02, 3:11, 4:07, 4:08, 4:10 pm


6:06-6:20 pm (somewhere between) as exiting the station [horn] closer to 6:06 pm (nap)



{add picture}


6:33 pm (nap)



Use computer. Edi and Mother in city. Leave to Union Station. Arrive in Naperville. Doug talks to Grandma Depart from Naperville arrive in Michigan


08-29-09 Saturday


*All times are local*

Virtually or more like nothing happens until ~ before 8:10 pm: horn x 3 same

Prior to 8:10 pm (radio on): LR on 2nd floor main room

~8:10 pm (radio on) faint: LR on 2nd floor main room

8:30 pm faint: LR in K’s bedroom

[all from NNE of large house]


8:48 pm faint: LR in K’s bedroom

9:00 pm faint: LR in K’s bedroom

9:15 pm K name calling

Ate pizza

~9:30 pm Series of reports

4H 20M on LR T08

Horn faint 4H 23M

Horn faint 4H 28M


*remaining times central*

 9:45 pm f on camcorder 0069

9:52 pm f on LR

9:54 pm “”

9:55 pm “”

10:00 pm x 2 f

Through out the night?


08-30-09 Sunday


Was awakened during night (EC)

Scratch LR to note time

Weird dreams prior

Half sleep rest till 6-8 am central

K insult at 1:00 pm central (believes its 3 o’clock)

K insult at 2:00 pm central (believes its 4 o’clock)

K “Alex it’s for you!” 26 M DS400029

K yelling about salad 27 M on LR DS400029

K fight Edi 5H 33M - 6H 20M DS400029 8:25 pm central


08-31-09 Monday


DS400032 22M 30S – 1H 05M

Dr Weiden Appointment at 1 pm

Meeting with Chris Kuypers at 2 pm ?


2:57 pm

Hammer as sitting down on couch


5:00 pm female 1st-6th floor



6:18 pm EMS     32M 30S & 32M 45S

7:22 pm x 3 H     1H 36M

7:24 pm x 3 H     1H 38M 35S  1H 38M 43S

7:32 pm EMS      1H 46M

7:38 H                 1H 52M 48S

7:43 H

7:54 H

7:56 H

7:58 NDS ~

8:05 NDS

8:13 H

9:12 H

9:13 H

9:13 pm – 9:46 pm some ignored

9:46 H

9:51 H

10:00 H

10:20 H

10:35 H

11:20 H

11:56 H x 2

11:59 H


Not every horn recorded time wise (even [when accounting for] 9:13 pm – 9:46 pm)


09-01-09 Tuesday


12:19 am EMS

12:28 H

~ after 3 am go to bed


Wake up prior to 9:00 am

Large horn cluster awakening me

Estimated sleep time 5 hrs


3:09 am = 0 M on GW Recording

5 – 6 H on GW ~ wake time


All horn unless stated otherwise

9:16 am x 2


9:56 x 2

10:08 x several








12:33 pm (both LR and GW)

12:39 pm

12:41 pm





{add picture}



3:17 pm 05M

3:19 pm 07M 20S

3:23 pm 11M

3:32 pm

3:39 pm x 2 or 3

4:07 – 4:10 many



4:40 H ob


[Confusing data]



4:46 – 1 M


4:55 cell light

10 M H

23 M 30 S

27 M 20 S

30 M 56 S

34 M “pay off”

41 M

48 M

51 M

54 M

1 H 08 M x 2

1 H 34 M

1 H 39 M

1 H 45 M

1 H 52 M

2 H 39 M ob (many prior)

3 H 09 M stop (many prior)


~ 8 pm

At Y several GS

2 C 1 g w ts

  . d a clm

GS at jewel (outside)


{add picture}


After jewel LP missing on 300 SLV prior to turning onto freeway


Taxi OH at intersection combined with car alarm? (prior to Interstate)




09-02-09 Wednesday


Horn cluster prior to waking up (LR batt died)


6 hrs estimated sleep


Estimated bed time 2 am


Up around prior to 9 am

Didn’t bother with noting traffic horns (seems to result in a [drop]  in harassment. Go over LR to check)


Noted incidences

5:10 pm EMS

“9:36 pm” (could be fast ~ 9:30 pm) EMS


Attempt sleep at 7 pm, don’t fall until after 9:30 pm

Wake up at ~ 5 am next day.

Worked trap that day prior to bed

Estimated sleep 7 h 30 m


09-03-09 Thursday


Wake at 5 am

Leave at ~ 7:30 am T05

Talk to rage in afternoon

Horn at CEB computer room N

Banging in SELE at ~ 10:00 pm in W7 lab NE corner

Police come at a little after 10:00 pm

Strange at SELE 2nd floor bathroom south


Viscosity lab done today

Lab > home > lab > home > Quiz > (w/ group) Eat + Discuss > Internet surf > home > dinner > SELE


09-04-09 Friday


SELE till ~ 3 am


Sleep at ~5:30 am

Wake before 11 am

Organize material for MI


~5 H 21 M – 5 H 22 M EMS + CH

5 H 37 M

5 H 45 M H

T 10 - > sleep (record of)

11:08 pm = 5 H 47 M


T11  0 M = 11:35 pm


D. W > BPH


Meet with shah at CEB. Show facebook video to Ja and Shah. Exchange data work till ~ 4 pm (talk to Turian). Transfer file to site holder for group (lots of horn honking at [the] time). Leave ~ 6:22 pm. Inn at top and bottom. “cubs hat” Union “cubs hat” drive to Michigan. Lots of traffic (labor day weekend)

8:00 pm K comment

9:23 pm K Roma comment

T16 DS400056  14 M “forget about organizing”


09-05-09 Saturday


Horn x 2 T01 11 H 22 M    00057

Horn x 2 T02 50 M

K whine T02 1H 29 M – 1 H 35 M

K “scientist” T02 ~1 H 37 M 30 S

K whine T02 1 H 48 M

~ 10 – 15 min prior to T 02  2 H 54 M horn: unr b (or 6?) drive off

K “critics” T 03 1 H 04 M

~ 1 min prior to T03 1H 26 M horn

T03 2 H 10 M -> unknown end. Mother to pick me up



2H 57M 10S  “Get Out”

2H 57M 50S “Vacuum Cleaner!”

2 H 10 M – 2 H 57 M -> [Oh I am mentally ill]

3 H 34 M Jano!

Prior noise in kitchen area. Fire T04 2 H 10 M ~ 5 min



Fireworks 2H 11M 00S -

~2 H 37 M

K rampage 2 H 45 M

K B & C 2 H 54 M

3 H 12 M Fireworks

Shortly after bed noises at the wall



09-06-09 Sunday


T05 purposely banged LR to denote wakefulness from strange dream (unknown time at moment)

T 05 11 H 35 M and ~ 10 min before K complain


T 06 DS400062  6 H 24 M  K comment

         7 H 36 M cleaning rampage

T 07 DS400063  2 H 15 M f ~ 2min prior and at

T 07 DS400063  3 H 26 M ‘objects thrown’ at window

After lights out. Running sound on top of roof. North facing slope After said sound, sound of animal like yelping to the SE. T08


{add picture}


09-07-09 Monday


T10 Car horn 12 M J

T 10 K 2 H___?

At ~ 4:00 pm (local?) walk to end of road to send txt message. 1 GS in car from S 1 on bike from S. 2 GS in car from N. no record.

T10 DS400066  3H57 K “my friends”

T01 1H 56M ~prior ~ 3min ~20 min noise at S facing window

T03 for night


09-08-09 Tuesday


MI > MI city > South Shore > taxi > home > CEB > SD > Group Discuss > Alone at CEB > Home


T04 near beginning K yell

At end K “Get up”


T05 at Beginning K



9:30 – 10:30 am


DS400073 {Lost audio feed} SS talks about celebrating 9-11. Tends to be more of a distraction than some one to work with. Mentions suicide ideation (in a light manner)


Mike mentioning he has ‘cocaine’


SS about mp3 not on my phone

Claming 2 hrs sleep

Wants me to sit next to him on next quiz (implying that he will copy)

Claims to have drank my alcohol.

“makes his own medicine”

   - phenazepam reference?


DS400072  45M  K

DS400073  20 M -> 2 H 02 M School lecture

2H 04M 20S wiggy

2H 04M 40S cocaine (mike)

2H 06M 15S wiggy

2H 10M 22S “com’on man!”

2H 13M 21S “com’on wiggy”

2H 14M 14S something to mike

2H 16M 14S “com’on……”

2H 17M 0(4 or 9)S mike owes me money

2H 19M 38S put it in tables (impatient) but not very significant

2H 26M 27S “go get your movie” (demanding)

2H 27M 35S “Turian doesn’t know shit”

2H 29M 16S Take Turian’s class

2H 31M 21S ego voice

2H 31M 31S “you making fun of me wiggy!?”

2H 38M 27S “wiggy”


09-09-09 Wednesday


Went to bed @ 2 am

~8:00 am horn cluster “alarm call”

~6 hrs sleep

Before 8:21 am [I am] up 7H 45M

8:28 am

8:57 am EMS drop

8:59 am EMS drop


T08 49H 44M (down count) = 9:20 am

49H 40M


~10:00 am – 4:00 pm or more


SS mentioning he has “cocaine” (some nasal steroid)

Mentions he wants to start a drug company

Asking about grandma’s knowledge of drugs

Discussing [anabolic] steroids

Discussing engineering consulting company



1H 44M 11S “want cocaine?”

1H 44M 29S wiggy

1H 47M 00S curse

1H 47M 17S al queda videos

Mellows out from this point

1H 48M 45S Your going to fuck it (the screen: minor)

1H 58M 35S Fuck this (minor)

2H 05M 40S SS leaves

~03H 38M SS returns

>Sometime through the recording the audio drops out

{Still need to analyze this section}

06H 30-33M~  06H 32M

Talking to sean about ATF tracking moonshine makers

06H 36M 00S (audio restores itself) SS acting up

06H 36M 35S Slur SS

{Still need to analyze this section}


Upon arrival to CEB discuss SS with Y

-ADHD joke (about SS) [poor audio section]

-young & immature joke (about SS) [poor audio section]

During this recording SS has fascination with Iranian girl which is projected on me

Upon arrival of SS. SS treats me in a very demeaning way



To target with Edi, Home depot, walgreens, best buy

~16M 00S throw it in the bag



1M 40S slur SS












T09 ~39H 17M H as [turning] evening light on (down count)

T12 ~35H 03M  Ho ~12:02 am


09-10-09 Thursday


T13 12:41 am = 34H 25M (down count) 

Estimated sleep 7 hours


Summary of day

Went to bed. Woke up around 7:45 am (alarm clock), got ready went to school ~8:30 am. SS working on final touches of lab report Give overview of lab to Nick, Gina, Bernard’s group. Depart for SD, eat pizza (mike) Guest lecturer take notes dismissed early. SS requests to go the gym (w/. me) decline. Talk to a “junior” help the junior with solutions manual request. Leave prepare for MI, depart from union picked up and head to MI city -> MI. Benard referring to me as “wiggy”


DS400082 Lab {Still need to analyze this section}



Lecture on both LR and Video

01H 41M 10S work out request 1

01H 46M 18S work out request 2

01H 47M 17S request 3

01H 47M 56S “sell it to me I’ll buy it”

01H 48M 24S “you leaving?”


01H 57M 50S Lily

02H 08M 00S Chris Kuypers

02H 09M 10S end


See Iranian girl at bus stop [when I was returning to the CEB] wave, No response Unnecessary antagonism evoked.



02H 26M 50S K start road trip to MI from NAP


DS400086 T19 -> Sleep


DS400087 T20 ->

5H 25M and before K B&C

5H 19M – 5H 25M

5H 22M Rage

5H 25M 27S “The food is outside!”


09-12-09 Saturday


DS400092 = T04

2H 35M 50S “give me your dirt!”

2H 36M 00S T04 K not washing clothes makes me work logic

11H 58M 10S “you don’t know!?”

12H 12M 24S - 12H 17M 00S K lecture


2 GS drive from N to S after desire to walk to end of drive way


After lights out insect like noise around ceiling but no visual conformation

{Analysis of audio between 09-12 and 09-13 request}


09-13-09 Sunday


T06 DS400094

11H 36M “good morning sarcasm”

17H 53M “Ale

T07 DS400095

1H 45M 03S talk about friend from South Bend

1H 46M Organ music is a miracle

2H 02M 58S “nobody has pants like this”

T11 DS400099

35 M “thump”


Lots or air planes flying overhead today


09-13-09 to 09-14-09


Insect like noise prior to and after 1H 30M on T11. Insect like noise at early hours of daylight [search around 7 am plus minus 1-2 hrs]

[Checked 1H 30M – 1H 34M]



09-14-09 Monday


Sleep ~8-9 hrs


1H 08M 20S “Get up!”

1H 09M 40S “I am too old for this”

6H 05M 56S horn

7H 00M information about imports

7H 02M “guns, god, gays, & abortion”

~30M to 1H show somewhat interesting



4M 55S “What are you doing?”

6M 38S “Alex!”

8M 34S “Come on!”

0-12M K “come on!”


09-15-09 Tuesday



~10 min to end K yell

DS400105 49M 01S

~1 min to end K get up!




DS400110 Train South Shore

PICT0001 Car with disability _? And cubs _?


DS400111 Perl Lecture (Tuesday)


DS400113 YMCA LV


DS400114 Coming from YMCA. Horn cluster around Kid Cudi Song, closer to the end of the track


PICT0003 Traveling to home depot (2M 25S paparazzi song start)

DS400116 Home Depot (15-18M paparazzi song)

PICT0004 leaving home depot

PICT0005 Elevator ride up


DS400117 {needs analysis for title}


PICT0006 Traveling to Downstairs Gym

PICT0007 Traveling to Downstairs Gym

DS400118 Downstairs Gym ({something before}, south park, futurama)

PICT0008 Bench press for camera review

PICT0009 Leaving Downstairs Gym


{Unstated tracks need analysis for titles}


09-16-09 Wednesday


DS400119 {analyze for title}

DS400120 Sleep?

DS400121                        04H 43M 53S Superman

DS400122 see below

03H 13M 39S talking about SS (honk)

03H 55M 10S – 56M 30S EMS horn

04H 04M 27S – 04M 04H 46S horn

04H 06M 28S same horn

04H 21M 51S horn [different]

04H 22M 22S horn repeat x2-3

04H 24M 44S – 04H 24M 55S same horn repeated multiple


DS400123 Union Station ticket for Amtrak [appears uneventful as far as car horns go?]


DS400125 see below

49M 18S superman

53M 50S superman

59M 00S Throw it in the bag


DS400127  + DS400128 Sleep  4H 30M sleep or less + ~ 4H


DS400127 (date crossover)


09-17-09 Thursday


DS400127 + DS400128 see above


PICT0010 Walking downstairs

PICT0011 Walking down Jefferson towards CEB

DS400130 Lab + Lecture

DS400131 After Lecture

PICT0012 Elevator ride up {from class?}


PICT0013 Capabilities Test



DS400134 {likely data non sleep data on or before sleep} Sleep (date crossover)

Place Naperville Grandma’s {might have minimum ‘thump’ at night on track}


Brandon talking about calling me and not getting a response during unit ops lab [towards beginning of lab?].

Brandon assigning me data to collect that turns out to be different from what he needs

(deliberate or mistake? Or deliberate made to look like mistake?)



09-18-09 Friday


DS400137 Drive (K pep talk start 26M 00S)


DS400138 TJ Max parking lot + drive (Polish? Women 21M 35S)


PICT0020 Cam pointed at grandma, but do see and wave at Brain next to his gay friend at the intersection of driveway and Cherry Beach Road.




DS400142 Sleep (date crossover)



09-19-09 Saturday


Most of the time walking around was spent theorizing about continuous column distillation of beer into feedstock ethanol. Mood was very upbeat compared to ‘normal’ for the past few years

Later in night some kid states that his dad “was doing this in high school”….        My take is that either the kid is very knieve or the kid’s parent is [or was] an enthusiastic chemical engineer. Former seems more plausible.

Also in the night NRCA [was] asking about the use of l-cystiene sounds as if it is his first encounter with me.


09-20-09 Sunday



During early morning (“night”) Dream: Gay guy walking with me (in a club?) telling me that I shouldn’t get gay people’s hopes up by [doing gay guy impersonations?]


As walking around theorizing about nucleophilic demethylation many cars driving on Cherry Beach road. (one horn honk while in small house).


MIL having strong desires to play radio more often than usual (goes back at least a week or two) Note on T03 35M 00S I


09-21-09 Monday


Prior to bed desire was to have the first hours of sleep analyzed on the LR afterwards. During sleep it felt as if nothing was messed around with dream wise as compared to other nights. Though I am always a little unsure about this. One of the earlier dreams was about the type of memory impairment that I have been experiencing in the past few weeks (or months?).


Prior to 12 pm on Monday find hydrocarbon slick on driveway. Take pictures cannot do much else, but if I could

GC/MS of unknown HC

Compare to engine oil of blue car

Compare to acorn fat

Compare to engine oil of lawn mower

Compare to fuel of lawn mower

Compare to fuel/oil mix of lawn mower


Prior events where K cutting grass 09-20-09

Visitation by contractor earlier on 09-21-09

Before photos where taken.

Unless shown to be acorn fat likely cause will be unknown.


DS400157 T05

MIL turns on radio at 1H 48M 2-3min after writing above (initial)

3H 35M vacuum cleaning

3H 37M K wants to vacuum clean upstairs

2:28 pm ~ 3H 58M 30 S prior to 2:28 pm (female)(nothing will be heard on LR)  need jaw mic

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. (Outside walking around)

Ounce of prevention – Michigan

Pound of cure – Clonazepam

4H 05M K yelling about clean feet


I T05-T06 Battery replaced


DS400158 T06


11M 40S wants sand

14M 00S wants me to wash feet

30M 00S drops off food

45M 40S you have to have shirt

Wants things washed

49M 49S In ten minutes…

2H 42M you didn’t wash your feet

3H 21M we have to clean it

3H 24M urge to turn on radio at 8:44 pm


(female) on/off through out day. Was present while walking south on beach, non present after walking back (while walking back I had a lot of fun thinking about nick names for girls on facebook’s FFS). Makes self present again during and after shower, very “Cynthia like” in behavior, not pitch of




I’ll start this off with a statement rather than go further into testimony at this moment (I’ll write the week in later). Desire was to put together a timeline that would give a convergence of evidence towards gang stalking and mind reading/mind control without directly stating so until enough evidence was finally gathered to prove beyond reasonable doubt the existence of the aforementioned or if not that far at least good enough for the public. In attempting to do so the object is becoming seemingly impossible to do so without interjecting that my mind is always under surveillance, and never far away from the ears and eyes of those with Law enforcement, Psychiatric, and Psychology based backgrounds (This is by no means an exclusive list however). Therefore my experiences can be designed in advance based upon what I am thinking about currently, what I am thinking about in the future and what I have done in the past so that by trying to gather evidence of the cause of my dystrophic situation I fall into the profile of someone regularly receives the attention of these types of professions in a more overt manner. (An optional objective of the other party)


Primary objective => neutralization

  1. Permanent mental institutionalization
  2. Permanent criminal institutionalization
  3. Suicide
  4. “Accidental” death
  5. “Natural” death
  6. Incapacitation
  7. Other methods?
Initial and/or fallback objective

  1. Incapacitation
  2. Excessive Stress


The increase in data taking on my behalf has resulted in a drop off of ‘low hanging fruit’ such as the use of ad hominine attacks by false friends to put pressure on me, direct references to mental illness by people by other’s in the chemical engineering building or general public, leaving me with harder to prove tactics such as sabotage of lab time, Pressure on me to let false friends copy my work during tests, which in turn gives the other party material to blackmail me with, seemingly homosexual advances and references by a few of the other students, two way conversations with location unknown personal and/or interface, desires to be at a certain place at a certain time to witness or be apart of an event so it be known to thyself that ones desires may or may not be truly one’s own. Hardships when trying to focus on work, like continuous desires to be outside, eating, reading a magazine etc instead of working like I mentioned previous, or grandma turning on radio/vacuum cleaner or interjecting in some other way when I am just sitting down to retackle work, focus my thoughts etc. Brother asking for me to bring back the existing pair of sandals from MI twice, while Grandma insisting on buying me sandals (before brother requests the existing pair) when they already are a pair in MI. i.e. grandma clueless to the fact that they are already a pair of sandals in MI and insists on buying me a pair, then brother requests twice that I bring home the original sandals in MI, claims he needs them for Naperville but never asks for them at home. Manipulation of olfactory sense. Some evidence suggesting use of an audio spotlight


Mind control apparent of myself, brother and grandma, every other family member likely with mother and other grandma more suspect at the moment.


The best form of evidence against these attacks is full blanket audio/video surveillance through my own eyes and ears and inner thoughts, ironically. Attempts to blanket record audio with LR have fallen short at times due to lack of visual component and the desire to maximize battery life by allowing the recorder to run till dead before replacing batteries. Such actions have left gaps in the ‘drag net’. Surveillance with portable video cameras is limited to a little over two hours at best, and cameras would have to be cycled through to obtain blanket coverage. (Not forgetting to mention that the rechargeable batteries of some these devices where not designed to be replaced when the battery begins to no longer hold charge).






09-22-09 Tuesday



Tuesday -> Wednesday horn cluster wakes me up but very little traffic noise afterwards ~sleep = 4 – 5 hrs


09-23-09 Wednesday



Wednesday -> Thursday ~11 – 4 am ~5 hrs awaken as if natural, but very short total sleep.


09-24-09 Thursday


Apt -> Lab -> Quiz -> Apt -> union st -> NAP -> MI city -> MI


Notes: Lab SS messes around for 2 hrs holding up the collection of viable data (also at beginning wanted to redo prelab things, i.e. waste time) last 2 hrs finally get data points. Big guy asks if I am spying on their group in a jesting manner. Did not get to turn over Dr Solari’s letter to professor Perl in time for quiz. Many a student desire to copy data from me. Desire a non-confrontational approach due to size of cabal.


During drive (female) talks with me (female = pitch of that is younger than my mother but older than teenager and is of female “appearance”)  in a sexual manner. Suggests that she is engaged in sexual in sexual activity at prior to arrival in MI city. Requests that I leave car in Mejer parking lot. Suggests sexual reward for doing so. I deny [lot of pressuring]. Finally suggests going into store to suggest chuck steak for grandma to make into roast beef. (and to get camera from car to record my absence. After all I am leery but voice is “trust inducing to a point…..” as leaving car another vehicle with LP#  FEARE 13 Chevy silver pulls in and a large overweight women gets out and slowly enters the store. Although an LP# like FEARE 13 is circumstantial I do record it on Samsung Camera. Partial startlement by the voice and the arrival of (circumstantial) potentially malevolent individual prompted camera recording.

(Female) says many times that my suit case in the trunk is safe…..

Don’t  trust the __ is very true indeed.

Homer the Odssey [sirens]


Other mentions (of course we will never know for sure the accuracy of the statements)

Mentions some in house psychiatrist knows or watches me the most.

She has a boss.

(I asked why she doesn’t watch my mind & my senses 24/7 or at least given the only access to such data ^)


After [strange] encounter her voice went silent seemingly to pay attention to the thought process which follows without her feed back later she makes another ‘appearance’ while I am in [the large] house. However ‘she’ goes silent again. Which is seen by me as an analysis of my thought process of the “news” feed.


“She” could be a real female in the aforementioned age range

A male with a voice converting software/hardware

or an AI female



Somewhere while in or around MI city girl “signs off” as saying don’t think about drugs when continuing towards Berrien County.

(10-04-09 I am beginning to believe that there is some red herring aspect to this, as the Berrien county area attacks solely based upon synthesis fantasies) The Naperville Area attacked me in 2007-2008 and stated that they where the/or a drug task force. And Chicago is conspicuously quite about why they :dislike: me, it also seems that at least one of the female voices doesn’t change while moving from on local to another, suggesting that real time feedback is being sent both ways and the desire is there to make me think that I am not being watched by for example the Chicago party while in Michigan or the Michigan party while in Chicago. It seems very easy for them to give each other a time slot on the “communications” channel. And also to feign dislike for one another)


09-25-09 Friday


‘Drug bogey man dream’ ‘jolt in the kidneys’ at ~2H 30M of sleep T-13

DS400191 02H 42M 17S

Track split

Mendel (i.e. Joseph) in vocabulary “tip of the tongue”

White blanket on top of me upon awakening -> Grandma (most likely) or

-> ?



Car door open sound -> real or

-> real -> pre-recorded -> played back

(audio spotlight)



T-14 10-14 min


MIL ‘spying’ on me last night?


2H 44M   5H _ M   2H 48M


MIL tells me to get sand. I walk away from her down [the] drive way. Black pick up with IL LP drives south down Cherry Beach Road eclipsing the entrance when I look up half way down the drive way. The interesting aspect of the encounter is how systematic the events played out. Might have caught on LR T17. K thinks I have fever. K centric view point of [the] world.



MIL T17 15 M “Telephone” Accusation



09-26-09 Saturday


Grandma leaves to NAP -> Thinking to self most of the time. One drive by when entering the bathroom in the morning. Prompted me to record next bathroom uses, but nothing occurred. Though sensed thoughts where being listened in on (as always)(when ever are they not?) nothing seemed to happen until later around 3:55 pm C when I started joking about stearkweather. Seems to have struck a ‘nerve’ for the next hours to about 5:20 – 5:40 pm C I was in a discussion with some adolescent male. He seems interested in the Goldschmidt process, nitrate esters, octanitrocubane. Likes to sit in front of a computer and make use of search engine to challenge me about chemistry related things. (Wants to catch me off guard with chemistry trivia)


So my take is the old adage its not about whether or not you remember immediately off hand what you may have gone over in the past, but the fact that you have had previous experience with the subject and know where to look when you recall data and what to do with it.



09-27-09 Sunday



3H 07M 31S K “are you studying?” “yes” “then lets drive around”



[Checked 56M – 1H 12M nothing]

1H 05M 30S “I work from morning to evening…”

Around 1H on T07 SC starts yelling at the door about not letting me give her my wet bathing suit.


09-28-09 Monday


Seemingly good nights rest wake up spending about 3-4 hrs lying in bed fantasying about chemicals and processes, voices present some of the time. Finally get up and leave to go outside, very windy. Walk to the beach and take pictures, eventually walk down drive way to end of road, builders are present (this is important later). Walk to the end of Cherry Beach Rd, Take a few pictures of various vantage points where one can sit if they wish to watch me walk down the drive way. Car passes by, but seems to come from off shoot road. I go to investigate, a couple of houses are for sale (at least three), and the area extends further than I had known prior to exist. I head back after taking pictures of the houses and scenery on the road. I eventually reach Cherry Beach road where I find the builders site. As I start to investigate one or two GS approach from the south, I head back down the drive after the second car approaches but then go back out to take a picture of him. I take a few more pictures of the site but notice that the camera battery is nearly discharged. So I go back inside and swap the camera for the watch video camera, I set the thing to record, but later find out that only the last 9 min find there way into the memory of the device. When I first head out I look out across the drive way and see a GS driving from south to north but then a white van belonging to some contractor of Brian drives up the driveway. I head to the end of the drive way and one GS in a white pick-SUV hybrid drives past, the vehicle has Michigan plates, the next car I don’t look at but assume that the watch camera was recording him, I wait for him to pass (he was the same car as the one that first approached me out of the entire event). Then I turn north on Cherry beach road when I turn around and notice Brian’s contractor pulls out and pulls in to Brian’s other property. I continue to head back to the off shoot road, where a guy wearing an all red shirt but of the same pocket placement of a flannel shirt and blue jeans starts pushing a garbage can out of the road of one of the houses for sale and into another house for sale, after a while of walking I turn back. Eventually I arrive at the construction site (I have a ‘sense’ that something unusual is about it, but don’t investigate till later.) I walk past Brian’s other property and notice the pull in but also the pull out marks in the sand/gravel road from the contractor, eventually I walk a little further back and head towards the construction site again. I look more closely and my attention is directed towards the overhead wires (but it is not of my own curiosity that seems to have directed my attention to the wires as it seems to be someone wanting me to investigate the over head wires) After looking long a hard enough I find that the wires leading in from a shed on the builders property lead to the wires that service Brian’s and my Grandma’s property. I walk back to the end of the driveway and another GS comes out from the south, I decided to walk and see where the stalker went. I find out that it was a she and she had gone to the public beach; she wasn’t expecting me and was completely caught off guard. She scrambled into her car which had ordinary IL license plates and then pulled left into the off shoot road talked on the cell phone and then after I passed her pull out and started to drive south bound on cherry beach road, I walked all the way to the point cherry beach road curves eastward and another GS comes heading down in a white car with MI vanity color plates I decide to walk all the way back to the end of the public beach (which is the part the is caught on camera) and I move the north end of the public beach to see the GS moving slowly towards me on the off shoot road, he then pulls out and starts heading south on cherry beach road, I follow but he is far out of reach. Eventually I pull back into the driveway and into my Grandma’s place and turn the camera off.


In summary it was discovered that the new house under construction is placed strategically at the utilities access point for Brain’s and my Grandmother’s homes. That they’re seems to be a lot of houses for sale on the off shoot road and that they are a few GS that seem to be making more of a regular presence than a random one.


After I arrived home, I was treated to voices, mostly of a female. I forgot what was discussed early on, but she was saying that a lot of my predicament would be relieved if I gave up theorizing about MDMA synthesis and improvements to the molecular structure. Knowing GS voices they do not always abide by their word, and I am therefore skeptical to a degree that if I follow her suggestions that they honor their part and would let up the harassment. But one big interjection I have to the whole preconditions is that this mind interfacing and controlling ones desires and thoughts via coercive persuasion reeks of totalitarianism and is most un-American in the founding father’s sprit of the original American tradition. (In particular first amendment rights). That and the imposition of what I have through personal experience have found to be wrong that I should be coercively persuaded to take a position for which I know in my heart is untrue. It saddens me that someone who believes that they are so right in their belief would attempt to force it on someone who doesn’t share that same belief. I for one was an agonistic and I eventually gave way to atheism in part through the logic of the fact they are many religions in the world that are not based on the Judeo-Christian-Muslim traditions and these people some which do not believe in a god but a life force do not stastically suffer to a greater or lesser degree during uncontrollable events such as natural disasters. But at the same time other than making some jests here and there at Judeo-Christian faith I do show tolerance towards those who share a difference of ideology like those of the secular Judeo-Christian and Muslim faith.


In the end I wish to be left alone and no longer be gang stalked or have voices of such people projected into my head because my life experiences and expectations of certain controlled substances are different from the expectations of those who operate such equipment. I wish that they would just tolerate me and leave me alone without harassing me because I differ from them on those issues. I do not plan to do anything against the laws which are written on the books as far as my understanding of the laws in question extend, but that doesn’t mean that I am a supporter of those laws.




Also a female voice some how instructed me to pull on of the cameras out of the USB drive with out safety ejecting, which caused the camera to no longer light up when the bottom was pressed, she keep stating that I destroyed it, but I didn’t want to believe her. Eventually at a later time say around 10-11 pm she suggested that I pull the USB portion out of the chassis housing, it came out but one of the battery leads broke of the camera broke off the microphone broke off and the switch broke off, I tried plugging it into the USB port but it would even show the memory portion of the drive (which still functioned after the first damage to the camera). It was quite an expensive dismantling of a camera, causing me more stress than I had a tolerance for.


This behavior however begs the question, that if you and your gang stalkers know that you are not doing anything ‘wrong’ then why are you so antagonistic towards a subject like me owning operable audio/visual devices to make sure that my safety and well being is insured (without having to resort to a potentially corruptible middle man)?


09-29-09 Tuesday


Phone call to grandma telling her that the phone was cut by the people building the new house. Approx time 10:30 – 10:40 am C

Phone was out since last Monday evening Tuesday 09-21-09 – 09-22-09


10-02-09 Friday



00M 00S Horn

00M 42S Horn


Addendum to Friday. RG 05 states at very end in different tone of voice how she never thinks of me and how she [hates me still] turns out to be ominous.


10-03-09 Saturday Morning


Last night thinking to self about how the drug war is a loss, and how the current drug haters will eventually go the way of the KKK after the African American race gained their independence in the US. But also thinking about the importance of the fact that even if drugs or should I say certain drugs become legal soon, much like the legalization sodomy? Or African American independence there still remains the risk of drug haters conducting "fag drags". No voices all the while when rehearsing these mental ideas.


Eventually go to bed. As lying the smell of nicotine (is perceived) which then turns to the smell of marijuana briefly. The smell of nicotine is associated in my memory with the Red Room Girl of 2005. My heart races. I mentally go over the fact e-cigarettes would be better for the person. (states that it is illegal, my response was do it anyway and ask for jury nullification if caught because there exists a good chance the law would be overturned from a health benefit perspective. Mentions I have a good point.) But also states that the person likes smoking cigarettes that way, I seeing the argument that I (as well others) try make with drug legalization decide to no longer interject on that point. But I do mention at some prior point that pot can be both smoked and vaporized with vaporization being the healthier option.  Eventually I get the request to go onto the balcony for I would be rewarded supposedly with the smell of sex. I'm out there and nothing happens, go back in heart is racing, I am instructed by the voice to take clonazepam to bring heart rate down, I take 2 then a third 0.5 mg pills. I'm not sure about the order of what happens next but eventually the voice asks that I take more clonazepam (I think for the night I ended up taking 3 mg total). The voice leads me around from the bedding material to a sitting position to open the door to the balcony in one instance. In another instance the voice leads me from some where in the bedroom to my bedding in the living room where I am instructed to lay down. At some point I am receive the sensation of extremely passionate simultaneous hold and kiss. At another point I am given instructions like move to the left, flex left finger, flex right finger, and turn to the right while lying in bed. Eventually I am told to turn off the lecture recorder, and then I am instructed to move towards the computer to turn off the surveillance camera, I receive the order to halt prior to approaching the computer. At the point I smell (or at least perceive) the smell of burning electrical tape? Eventually I am convinced to turn off the surveillance camera system.


At some point I receive instruction? to move outside into the stair well in the center stair well, I halt on the 7th floor, then I receive instruction to go downstairs to the 6th floor I stop on the "6th and half" floor stair (since without me being close to the home unit I might leave my belongings vulnerable, I then was instructed to sit cross legged on the 6th and a half floor then eventually instructed to lay down on the floor, then I was instructed to go upstairs and lay on the deflated air mattress in the bedroom, eventually I am instructed to lay on my stomach with my hand over my head, then I was instructed at some point (I'm not completely sure of the order of events) unlock the doors and then? sit in the hallway with my back facing the door cross legged (the person upstairs begins to move around all of sudden as if alerted) then I am asked to go to the door and open it partially then go back to the bedroom and lay on my stomach? then sit in the hallway with my back facing the door cross legged (At some point while sitting I smell burning electrical tape again). Then instructed by the voice back to the bedroom and on my stomach, eventually -I- decided to go up on the loft bed and wait, to which after sometime the smell of burning electrical tape is perceived. Then the person upstairs moves again.



All in all the whole thing was following the futile promise of sex offered/suggested by the voice, only to end up with loss of useful time, clonazepam and shaming myself in the process. (However it could be argued that without the clonazepam my heart rate would have never came down enough to sleep)

During the majority of the experience I was in a positive/optimistic outlook on life mood.



10-03-09 Saturday


No horn honks most of the day, or the past day or for a week or two? Here in Chicago. However when the LR batteries died the honking began to resume, and seemed to have stopped with replacement. Voices through out most of the day. I had a nap after doing 60 lb left hand shoulder presses I assume about 2 hours ago (time now is 10:06 pm Central), after awaking heard both horns and a voice (female) but one of these voices seemed to be a of re-feed of my forming thoughts into a female voice as the criticisms where missing and things I would run in my own mind came back the same but in a voice different (female) from my own mental one. Upon awaking the voices suggested that I reread my archaeology book for I have made a lot of errors. Although tempting I am pressed for time. Reinstalling the batteries made me release that it was not my ideological shift that reduced their outside harassment campaign so much as it was the infrastructural shift I embarked on.

“See I told you there was a position open at the CIA if you get out of this” (voice (running joke))


A mule, patsy and/or scapegoat comes to mind


Early before nap voices seem not to know of, or feign ignorance of “robo control” or electronic override which occurs in Berrien County.

Also had some fun with the female voice by analyzing the context and tone and interjecting that she is being fearful, which brought about a few slightly amusing changes in her desire to converse.


10:39 pm Brown shirt honks horn



50M 25S Horn


Also reviled on Saturday was the fact that the psychiatrist on duty at UIC ER during summer 2007 was remotely aroused in my presence in attempt to induce me, which I had through conditioning by RG 05 seen the female odor as threatening. The goal I am told was to get me to attack the psychiatrist which I didn’t but I ended up in the hospital the next [day] or by night (time) anyway.


10-04-09 Sunday


12:29 am lots of honking



2H 38M 30S Horn cluster

2H 39M 59S Horn


DS400233 Sleep



3H 57M 53S Clip from the Cleveland Show

5H 21M 26S - 5H 45M 10S Brown Line to Paulina

5H 52M – 7H 40M Lake View YMCA

7H 57M 07S – 8H 20M 50S Brown Line to Library


During early morning was dreaming about moving to loft bed or couch due to some unpleasentries during sleep. Upon awaking voice presents itself as a ‘CIA agent’ ‘male’ voice and asks [about] ‘disposing’ of CI RG 05. Some conclusion about blunt trauma and suicide via balcony jump. Lots of confusion eventually questions become pointed revealing the asker as that of RG 05 and some others. During conversation RG 05 masquerading as a male CIA shocked that I was confused became enough to believe I was dealing with the CIA (or at least believed so during the conversation). Was unnerving to me as well.


Afterwards day proceeds with RG 05 ? Talking to me most of the time. Reveals that I am dealing with the DEA.


Some female voice (RG 05?) describing length of human female genital slit as 2.5” long. States und are roughly 1.5” long and some one like CMS as 3” long.


States that she is the girl on the inbound train from St Joseph, New Buffalo to Union Station a couple weeks before (odor of ‘female genital?’ as writing above statement) 11:43 pm C in Clinton Complex gym.


Leave unit to go gym, some voices as on bus and see a black escalade with some abbreviation of US MARSHALS as the LP # . While waiting for BRWN line train female with blue jeans and jacket sits next to me on bench. (Prior theme of current thinking during past few days is that of giving up on currently illicit drug synthesis fantasies and switching over to focusing on female pair bonding.) During Gym voices drop off. Relieve tension in shower.


When leaving gym two females board train and seem to flirt with me then at another stop another female with Bears jersey boards train and sits across from me. I catch her looking at me.


At home I am aroused; ‘female’ voice states go to sit on bed she’ll be over in a few minutes (40 minutes?) does not want me to relieve myself until she comes home. Interjection.


9:45 pm noises are heard downstairs and they are not friendly…


Finally get up to leave to go downstairs [downstairs gym?] and write entry.


10-04-09 Sunday morning – 10-03-09 Saturday night ?


Decided not [to] be as foolish as the previous night took 6 mg melatonin and went to bed. Tried to relieve self. Odor of ‘female genital’ followed shortly after by odor of garbage or burning hair…


For went oh relief slept instead though sleep was unusual


10-05-09 Monday


Upon awakening less than 5 hrs sleep dreams somehow about being surrounded by federal agents and trying to save [a] marijuana plant (weird as I don’t particularly care so much for MJ) Prior to sleep altered? Voice of female different but sex origin unknown voice using ‘silent sound?’ to ask about experience in MI why the change on ____? Why the change on drug position and why the ‘change’ on stance towards RG 05.


10-06-09 Tuesday Morning


Difficulty falling asleep. 18 mg melatonin no effect. 10 then ten mg of Z drug allowed me to sleep until 10 am. Lecture recorder on for 9 hrs ~(1 am) but sleep started at 3-4 am 6-7 hrs sleep est. Wake up with itching scalp.


10-06-09 Tuesday



1H 06M 31S “Alex!” SS – 1H 21M 27S



04M 06S – 1H 42M 34S SS

59M 00S Vishal

1H 42M 16S Yaroslav

[searched till 1H 47M]


4H 50M 43S – 4H 51M 45S Elevator

6H 19M 20S – 6H 20M 16S Elevator

6H 20M 43S Brother

6H 22M 38S Baby Bash – Suga Suga

6H 35M 10S – 6H 43M 11S Brother outside of Irving Park

6H 54M 30S – 7H 10M 22S Dominick’s

7H 08M 50S “homeless man”

7H 11M 40S “I’m fine without your love”



Fear full and preoccupied of something I head out of the apartment and go to the CEB assuming that I am going to class, but find that the class is not present. I remember that there was an e-mail from professor Perl that class was being held elsewhere. So I sit down to update the CointelproVp2t0 webpage as I am somewhat fear full, and Sean comes by and asks if I am ok (since I hadn’t been in school for sometime), he leaves. Eventually I hear SS call my name he comes in and we talk then he leaves for awhile. He comes back and then Vishal arrives and talks. They take up a lot of time but it is ok. Eventually both leave and then Yaroslav comes in and talks to me albeit briefly. After he leaves I go back to work on the site. The over viewer then running out of people to present me with and annoyed at what I wrote takes control of my right hand and manipulates it into the female manual stimulation ‘posture’ she then causes my tongue flicker in away I cannot recall previously emulating myself. A horn goes off twice on Jefferson street once to behind right and once to behind left. She also maneuvers my left hand….


I try to finish up writing but I am continuously fighting with her for control of my body, she at some point causes my head to go into a ‘hold’.



I wrote the following during the encounter.

“It seems to me that to have control over me, you can’t leave some select area”

I was asking her to come over (she said it would look suspicious on the CEB external camera and the fact that I carry that “stupid lecture recorder everywhere I go”)


“Another schendunfreud by Amy, 6:40 pm Tue Oct 06-09”

“Do you need to push emotional centers in my brain to flatter yourself?”

The above sentence was a response to her desires for submissive lust to witch I could only respond with love witch was not arousing to her so she caused me to feel intense love followed by sadness, which is when I wrote the above.

-“just think for once what this is doing to you”

I told her what I did to her was wrong and what I thought about with doing to her at the fantasy level back in 2005 was also wrong but that she should not make the same mistake as I did.


After this point she treated me more humanly but wanted me to relieve myself in the computer lab.

I deduced the following.


-Camera in room

Need for feedback to observe movement


She then wanted me to go to the bathroom, but I told her knowing you there would likely be cameras there too (So I should turn the lights off since most small cameras do not have great low light sensitivity I thought to myself something of the nature). She was a little frustrated with the thought. She told me that I would make a great detective (I keep reminding myself of the 10,000 hour requirement…. But as of Saturday October 10 - 2009 I think I know why they are pushing the detective outfit)


She mentions somewhere while I am near the CEB North stair well that sex sells in boastful way (hmm… but when I think about it I am sex starved much by their own hand, the statement is much the same as the statement food sells, especially when the person requesting it is hungry….)

She also had let me know that her husband was there with her


Eventually I settled on going back to the apartment to relieve myself, I saw a one head light to the left of me which caused my arousal to fall out. Then as I was heading back to the apartment a male voice said “you have been haadd” (like I usually say), I go upstairs feeling disappointed then head to the bathroom, start doing my thing to which they treat me with a wild encounter involving their sex life. It keeps going on and on and eventually they ask me to go outside, I do and I wait for them, but no one comes, they then tell me that, “do you think that ___?  Would allow us to be in the units close to you?” I don’t know. I go back inside and I am on the bed then led to the bathroom again where I finish up with the lights on. (They looking through my eyes do so to have footage of me stimulating myself)




Her overall mood in the beginning was that of power and desire to control filled with hard lust, such that her level of arousal made her rash in judgment. After reducing the tension of the situtuation things got better.


My brother asked if I wanted to go to the YMCA which I decided to go but couldn’t find my YMCA card. The voice told me to bring ten dollars instead, so I went and as we got into the car over the radio the song came on (that was popular during the 2004? Time period and associated with college students). (an endorphin type song?)[Baby Bash – Suga Suga]. As we get off the expressway there is a homeless man,  I am told to give the guy my ten dollars, but I say that I have very little income and that I have not budgeted my inflows and outflows to be psychologically confident to give the man the money, this draws to me some negative feedback by the observers. Next after the turn I also state that he could have used the money for drugs, but I see a one head car there for disapproval. We get to the Y when my brother suggests that I stay inside instead of paying the ten dollars, he goes inside and finds that the basketball courts are taken for volleyball.  

My brother then turns around and we go back when he suggests he wants to go to Dominick’s. We arrive there and go shopping in my mind I am able to affectionately interact with the girl a couple of times. Eventually my brother and I arrive at the fruits section where I first hear the N-word in my head. As we go to the exit a man clean shaven but homelessly dressed tells me he is a former marine and wants food not money. Feeling sorry for the first guy that I passed up when the voices told me to give the homeless man money I hesitate, and then look to my brother. My brother of course tells me lets go, so we go, when I see a man walk out of the elevator with a cubs hat and a guy in the parking lot with a knocked out head light. Then at the Walgreen’s drive through I’m discussing something with schemas when I get ‘kissed’.  We arrive home and the mood is mute as if I had did something wrong again, because keep hearing the N-word as I walk up the hall to the elevator. When I am upstairs in my chair still thinking about what went wrong, I get a visual of a gun barrel with a knife bayonet. And I am told that I got the wrong idea about the situation but it was their mistake.

Eventually I feel the girl roll over on her side and go to sleep sometime around 9 pm.



10-07-09 Wednesday


Night crew


Morning time = 5:33 am

No sleep possible. Night crew keeping me up.

Lots of questions


Saying that she gets around

Envies me


PMS (moody?)

Everyone is handsome to her


She knows me the least


Say that they should give me [a] heart attack for updating CointelproV2pt0


Intent on keeping me awake


Says her IQ is ~150?


Say she [is] HIV positive


Says ‘Jack’ knows me the best


6:06 am Z tartate 10 mg


T09 end correlate to photo at ~11:40 pm



10-08-09 Thursday


Apt (~6 hrs of sleep) -> Lab -> Lecture -> After Class -> Train -> GRD NAP


In lab worked efficiently to collect data for part of the lab during pre lab with G.

Remainder of group was working on prelab. Had a discussion with Prof Gerald.

Car Accident at Clinton and Just north of CEB ~ 1pm [cab and postal truck]

Brandon brings me topping pizza, G brings me plain pizza

Hand was assisted in Professor Perl’s lecture 1-3 pm

Started putting the data into tables for analysis with G.

Leave for Apt at ~4:50 pm?

A CPD officer points a finger at me, at Clinton and Harrison Intersection

At apt watch South Park episode about dead celebrities lots of car horns in street.

Walk to Station, take 6:12 pm.

See missing head light cars at Naperville Station.

Go to grandma’s, grandma leaves to buy food.

Think about disarming F fears by interjecting every time I sense fear in this her words. ~7:30 – 8:00? pm

Talk goes cold.

Dinner afterwards reflections and thoughts, a few bump’s and knocks synchronized to thoughts.

Around 11:30 pm Strong voice of different demeanor demands that I go upstairs. Kept being told that

I will be killed shortly, lots of buzz in and out during talks.  Talks about how mothers and babies are implanted in the hospital.


10-09-09 Friday


Negative talks go on till ~1:20 am. Don’t fall asleep until about 3 am, strong holding feeling in head felt.


Wake up around sunrise, start talking and fantasying with female of said time. Envision blue -> purple -> pink orbs circulating around her body. Something about the CIA says that she would have to check about repro and that it only happens in select (rare) cases and it is usually not to someone you desire, but who they choose. Other topics (Onion cigarette commercial)

Convinced to change CointelproV2pt0 site

Went back to sleep

Wake up again, seems to be new girl with different demeanor than previous

“Oh is that what I said?”

One of the above two girls mentions that her step-father molested? Or raped? Her. She seemed to be crying



Headache occurs sometime after getting up and actually getting food.

I am asked to take a walk outside of my grandma’s which I do and walk towards the river taking a picture of the geese that happen to be there, when I walk outside I find spray cans, vodka and a used firework launcher in one location, a teddy bear in another and a bunch of railroad nails in another seems well organized as if deliberately placed (by police?). A train comes by (Metra) and blows horn. I go down the west path and see another spray can and then back and up part way to the tracks. I stop because I hear noise as if someone is below the bridge. I go back down and see the bottles and in my head I hear the words ‘Schizo’ as I am looking at the bottles but this is not my own inner voice. I then head off and take pictures of the river three times and then more pictures of the geese. I go back inside and lay on grandma’s bed one of the girl’s then ask about what I do to protect my daughter if I had one and she was raped. To this question I couldn’t think of any good answer for a typical suburban household but thought of home schooling and with me the home schooler (because I am physically stronger than most females) and who ever my wife as the bread winner. (The response was the perception of the odor pink….  :-/)

(Somewhere in day ask about CIA benefits, response medical, dental, etc. lol)





Somewhere around this time (10-09-09) I stopped adding entries to my timeline and it is now 08-21-10 when I decided to go back and update the timeline. I believe I can remember back to Friday the 10-16-09 or Saturday the 10-17-09 where I am at my grandma’s in Naperville. The night before I was watching a video from March 2008 that I took of a group of girls at Portillo’s that were discussing something about UIC. The next day upon awakening one of the female voices introduced herself and as I replayed the mental imagery of the video in my head she circled which girl she was out of the group. She notified me that she was Zandre Labuschagne and that I could call her Zani but I insisted on calling her Zandre. She told me that the back of her chair did not say stearkweather L lol. That morning she instructed me to do planches for abdominals. My grandma had made pancakes for breakfast and Zandre told me to go down and eat them and not to worry about the Calories that we would work them off later. Once I got done eating I was told to go to the basement where I was instructed by Zandre to do planche pushups and I asked her something along the lines about what I would be doing in the CIA (I think something about the devil’s work) and she caused my right hand and thumb to cock back the hammer on an imaginary hand gun. I asked her if she liked me and she said she couldn’t answer that question. Later that day my grandma took me to Michigan and during the car ride I was asked by male voices to think of ways to end the life of a classmate that they said was a Jordanian spy. Once we got to Michigan the voices had started a mock police interrogation for all those murderous thoughts. Also all along the ride to Michigan there were no signs of cars missing headlights. Once at the summer house I went down to beach where they had me run in the sand to test me. At one point while running I heard Zandre say stop and I carried those words with me so the next time I went running I heard her say stop when she didn’t say stop which caused the male voices to get upset when I stopped in the middle of a run. (This example would plague me for the rest of my time that I was considered an invulet cadet for the CIA.) The male voices then told me to throw my camera into the lake which I did not carry out. I then went upstairs from the beach to where my grandma had made dinner and she turned on the radio and there was a song about always watching you. And then on another station a commercial about obtaining a gun from a Police officer’s utility belt. I didn’t like that at all so I gave up on them; I called my mother and said that I wasn’t feeling well and that I might have to go to the hospital if things get worse. Eventually I was asked to say a prayer so I said one to the gods of the CIA. Just silence after that. Then I went to the bedroom, as I was preparing for bed there was a switch over in the voices and the new voice said that they where the Michigan DEA nothing more after that. I then took two 25 mg diphenhydramine tablets and went to bed as I laid there digital modem like sounds where heard in my ears. I thought oh no I am not going to get a good nights rest tonight.


When I woke up the next day I had been given dreams about various hand held weapon systems. When I moved my arms and hands that morning it felt as if I had been holding a M-16 or a M-4 all my life. After I got out of bed one of the male voices started to give me instructions on how to do room clearances. I would start off at the bottom of the stair well and work my way upwards while holding a flashlight in the same manner one would hold a carbine then I would enter the master bedroom and depending on the scenario I would point the gun a various silhouetted targets (I.e. they appeared as silhouetted men in my field of vision). I actually only had a sort of partial control of my body since “I” (or should I say we) would be moving the flashlight in my hands and arms like a delta force operator (a professional solider) would even though I had virtually no weapons training before hand. They made sure that I didn’t pull the trigger during my introduction, since they wanted to get me used to targeting things, identifying them and then to decided whether or not to shoot. As we trained we shifted between carbine grip and pistol grip on the flashlight. At some point and I am not sure if this became before or after the room clearance training I was instructed to go running down the drive way and then down cherry beach road to the public beach where there was a girl in a red car with a high end camera. I was told to whip it out and jack off in front of her. I refused. Instead I waited there until further instruction which they told me to go up to her and ask her, her name. I did that and she wanted to know why I wanted to know her name, I couldn’t come up with a reason so I wandered off back towards my grandma’s summer house in a somewhat erratic manner. At another point I was working with a knife, but this was a real knife and I was targeting the side of the garage. Come around 4 pm they had me practice hara-kiri (without the knife) so that I would not fall into the hands of the enemy if I was out numbered. Then they had me undergo interrogation training since in some places they don’t want you to die if you are outnumbered. They had a woman speaking to me with a Russian accent about why I was in Russia for example. And all I could think of was because Russia legalized small quantities of drugs I was there for drug tourism. They had me guess and guess at a good enough answer but I couldn’t think of one when they told me that nuclear scientist or something of that degree was a good answer. The voices at one point showed me mental imagery of a guy getting his face bisected by a circular saw as one of the more gruesome outcomes of interrogation.


Sometime during the night I was instructed to go to an area on the second floor to do squat thrust jumps to get my heart rate up. Then wearing socks, grey cargo pants, black polypropylene thermal pants liner and a black shirt I was instructed to take my binoculars, flashlight and head to the beach. When I got to the stair case they had me look out to the Michigan City power plant with the binoculars and then Cook Nuclear power plant. They had me crawl up and down the stairs and every now and then have me check my six. When I got down to the beach they had me crawl through the beach grass. Then they wanted me to run into the water with my flashlight, and I said no since I didn’t think that my flashlight was water proof. There response was an intel report saying that my flashlight was indeed water proof. I finally agreed to run straight on into the water when they told me to swim out to the second sand bar I said no that I am section 8 and that it was a lot of fun until this point but that they have the wrong person. I was convinced that they would drown me once I got out that far, since they where my antagonists just a few weeks before. They told me that this is what SEALs teams do and I responded that SEAL teams work in teams not as individuals and if one of them gets hurt there are others to help them out. Finally he decided to allow me to walk in the water to the public beach if I said a prayer to his god.


Once I got to public beach I just ran to the stair case to which they said that there are marines who do better than I do and that I would have been shot for not crawling to the stair case. At the bottom of the stair case I waited and I could see my breath condense in the cold October night air. Then I got the go ahead to go up to the public beach parking lot where I waited for a long time; shivering once it got too cold for me. When this happened the ‘voice’ (controller) would take control of my body and bring me back to a more alert mental state. Eventually I was allowed to move down the street and to go to the first house on the street, where the voice wanted me to try the door knob. I refused. Then the voice had me go to the second house which looked like it had occupants in it. The voice told me to drop to my hands and knees and get really low which I followed somewhat nonchalantly and I set off the outdoor burglar alarm. I saw the lights go on so I left the driveway and went back to the public beach parking lot, when I saw a gang stalker come down the road and come to a stop at the public beach parking lot. He took out two dogs out of the car and went to the balcony area then took the dogs back into the car, while this was happening I was hearing a classical music tune play in the background of my head. After he left I went to the balcony area to check to see if he left a gun thinking back to the time I was in the car ride up. I went down to beach again where I was instructed to wait in the sand until I started huffing and puffing which is from the hypothermia that started to set in then I was instructed to run back to my grandma’s beach. They told me I scored a 300 or somewhere around 300 and I was asked to guess out of how much, when I replied 1000 they said that I was correct. This gave me an idea about how not so good at this I was. At my grandma’s beach I think I had to wait there for a while before I was allowed up the stairs and then once up the stairs I had to dodge my grandma who was out looking for me. I made it to the shower and washed my clothes that where covered completely in sand and I changed into fresh clothes hide the wet clothes and went to bed so that my grandma would think that I was sleeping. Once my grandma went to bed I was back up doing more room clearances; when I was by the mirror the voice said something like I am narcissistic too maneuvering the flashlight in that delta force fashion. Afterwards I was instructed to change back into my wet clothes and head down to beach again.


This time I was encouraged to swim out to where it was too deep for me to stand, and I was told to shine my flash light at the public beach balcony since they had a gang stalker up there watching for me, because the last time I complained about possibly drowning. I swam out a little and then I started to swim towards the public beach but my feet would still hit the sand which I would get an intel report your feet are touching the sand or something like that and that made my supervisors think that I was kicking off of the bottom of the lake contrary to just hitting the sand. So that made them annoyed with me. When I got to the public beach I went up the stairs and then crawled through the leaves on the public beach parking lot until I got to the road there I was instructed to wait until I was shivering again then I was allowed to throw my cotton shirt off since that cooled me down the most. I was then instructed to get on my hands and knees and crawl to the second house on the road where I had set off the burglar alarm previously. This time all the lights were out and I dipped low enough to pass the burglar alarm I made to the front door where I was instructed by the voice to ring the buzzer, which I didn’t, I was then instructed to break the window I didn’t do that either. I allowed the ‘voice’ to do a sweep of the door windows with the flashlight which he did. Not knowing what to do next I went back towards the public beach on my hands and knees, found my shirt and then I crawled down the stairs checking my six every so often. When I got to the lake I walked/swam in the area between the shore and 1st sand bar (not very deep) which had a lot of leaf litter floating around at that particular time which I was afraid would pull me under and drown me, this didn’t make them very happy.

When I got back to my grandma’s beach I was instructed to lay there in the sand and wait. At one point they wanted me to crawl backwards all the way back into the water and back out again. Eventually my feet started to get cold so they allowed me to take off my socks to prevent frost bite. (Dam cotton). I was then told that I could go up, but I think I went up faster than they liked because I was soon on my grandma’s lawn seeing that she was out and about looking for me (she had woken up in the middle of the night and checked on me I guess). She had called the police and the voices I infer wanted me to go to hospital that night. I made it to the house which the supervisor did not like and started the bath and hid my wet cloths. The supervisor instructed me to bang my head on the wall for being so insubordinate, which I did. When the police arrived they told me and my grandma that two of their guys saw me, once on the public beach parking area covered in sand and once swimming in the lake. (So gang stalkers have a connection with the police).  One of the police officers recognized me as the mental patient they took to the hospital back in fall of 2007 twice. The police wanted to know where the wet clothes where and where not convinced that ‘I didn’t know what they were talking about’ I said I took too much clonazepam which in retrospect I should have said I took too much zolpidem which I had on me at the time but didn’t realize it. The police said that as long as everyone is here and safe there was no worry and so they left. I went to sleep on the floor since the bed broke the night before but I couldn’t sleep with the light on which supervisor kept directing my attention to. After lying in on the floor for an hour the sun had come out so I was reenergized. The voice had me get up and I went downstairs and ate two cookies, walking down the stairs was difficult for I had developed bruises on my knees from crawling around the night before.  He had me go into one of the rooms downstairs and to do pushups until I started to scream and he would show the sanguine? smiley face in my head as I would do this. The face on the lower left. He said he was a nipple kisser (a nipple kisser is someone who likes to torment TIs pretty badly in that article forwarded to the TI community by someone on the inside of the gang stalking networks)
Eventually my grandma overheard me and came to check on me which they told me to get on the bed faster than she could enter the room. She keeps checking my pulse which is fast from the exercising which she attributes to a medicine overdose. I had received a risperdal shot about 10 days prior. She brings me water, which the voices tell me to throw on the floor after fake sipping it (which they instructed me how to do). The theme was interrogation (with grandma being the interrogator). After doing pushups, screaming and them waiting until grandma comes into the room eventually she called the police and ambulance. When they arrived I was on the bed which the voice/supervisor started to hit me. They have this way of doing things where they can hit a voodoo doll? of me and my body will react as if it were being hit directly by someone in front of me. So here they are punching me on the bed while the cops and paramedics look on, naturally the paramedics tried to restrain me, eventually they get a needle into my arm and inject me with Versed which I thought was Vyvanse. They took me to the ambulance in a stretcher. Once in the ambulance they put oxygen on my nose which the voice said would make me sleepy


  The three people I would meet in the hospital Rafael, someone and someone

Fuck the DEA fuck the FBI we gave him Versed, coming from the ambulance staff

St. Joseph ER

Spitting in the urine container

Asking one of the staff if he was gay

Target practice with the ceiling lines and lights

Intel report about an attractive staff member approaching (twice)

Heart rate high due to placebo effect of thinking Versed was Vyvanse.

Picking the IVs out

Punching Grandma


CAT scan


Haldol Injection

Transfer to UIC

Dehydrated during transfer

M____ while traveling, or at least trying to

Toll both operator giving the driver all change much to his objection (driver was kind of a prick)

Arrival at UIC

Familiar faces, give me two juices and a sandwich, supervisors object.

Taken to solitary confinement room as precaution. Given ambien to sleep, having to do pushups on the floor prior to sleep

The next day transferred out of solitary confinement


Next Events unknown in sequence


Given room with roommate that says “Get off the floor!” when I do pushups for the supervisors

Drink water from the toilet bowl

Drink urine from the toilet bowl

Soak socks in urine and drink from them

Floor kisser pushups

Formal Introduction to Zandre

 Shown images of her rotating around on the uneven bars

 Shown image of her injuring herself by doing a back flip on the balance beam

Find out that she really likes me/loves me but I cannot reciprocate plus I am a little skeptical.

They have a machine that allows you to feel another person’s selected emotions like love.

Get a loud and clear message of her talking to me one night while in the hospital kitchen, stated during this talk with her that I would punch her (for all the negative things the gang stalkers put me through/lack of trust) She is upset states that it would be over if I did that to her.

Every time I visualize her I see scissors raking her body (an indication that I don’t fully trust her at this point)

Discussion with Amy about Vyvanse in the blood stream believing that I was on it

Seeing a silhouette of Zandre with a yellow notepad sitting on the heater in my room. See a silhouette of many Zandres while walking down the hall of the hospital. Zandre made me feel (the ‘voodoo doll’ technology) her jumping on my back to hug me. Zandre shows an image of herself against a corner in the wall to give me an idea about how tall she is relative to me.

Lots of pregnant women in the hospital more so than would be ordinary also lots people that where 26 years old, again more so than would be ordinary.

They asked me how much Zandre was worth to me and I replied somewhere in 60 million dollar range.

Punjabi guy

A guy with two black eyes there. I talked to him about his marriage how he was going through a divorce with his wife who he had three kids with so he could go after another woman.

Zandre saying that I am arrogant


10-26-09 Monday


Discharged from hospital





Zandre having me apologize to my grandma for punching her

Zandre asking me what I would do to her if I was her handler.

Zandre wanting a Rhodium wedding ring



I lecture them (my supervisors/ handlers/voices) about why I think war is wrong and how I think that the USA is going the way of the British Empire, and how China will surpass the US and why fight.

Zandre saying that they were using her to get to me, that I’ll being doing the devil’s work, saying that her love for me was fake (i.e. manipulation of the brain’s emotional pathways via implant), saying that she didn’t want to live in my memory (if I get killed)


Being told Amy’s last name was Gardner or Gartner

Remember being ordered to spill milk with cheerios over myself then eat it from the floor, while doing so I mentioned something nostalgic/praiseful about Amy Gardner, and the male voice said “you mean the girl who raped you and reported you to the cops?”


Eating Filet Migon and potatoes at grandma’s in Naperville having left overs in a Tupperware box, after traveling to mothers asked to throw left over Filet migon on mom’s garage floor, and rub it in before eating it. Asked to do the same with potato. Ordered to smash a lady bug and eat it, failed at that otherwise perfect score. Thinking to myself that I am ‘the real deal’ when it comes to being a professional solider. See gang stalker with the LP# REAL DEAL.

Head to a Best Buy to buy earphones. Euphoric my mood is.


11-11-09 Wednesday


Cynthia comes over in the afternoon. Later I go to the CEB to work with my group while waiting for others to arive; Brandon gives me my first cigarette. After we finish up at the CEB Brandon and I get pizza from whole foods and then head to my place. He is there for a while and then leaves. That evening I did something wrong from the surviellence crew’s perspective and was asked to do the some number of pushups otherwise the members of the surviellence crew would have Zandre have sex with one of them. I remember trying pretty hard to complete them but I errored a couple of times and they added more pushups to the amount required. Eventually I failed and they had sex with Zandre that night. I think it was the first time they did that if I remember correctly and I was pretty devistated by it.



11-13-09 Friday


Went to play soccer, then bowling, Friday Night Live, Mr Greek Gyros Place


11-17-09 Tuesday


Going over wikipedia pyschology texts with Zandre commenting in the background at the CEB. Then went home and took photos of self while Zandre watched onwards


11-26-09 Thursday


Thanksgiving with Zandre

Ate Turkey, Weinnersniztel, Apple Cake and Cheese Cake at my Grandma’s in Naperville. Zandre and one other task member where overviewing me as I ate, telling me how much of each I could eat.

I asked if they where going to celibrate Thanksgiving instead of watching me and they assured me that they would celibrate in their own way.

I told Zandre more about Emily (from High School) and Zandre felt for me.

I also had to do 50 pushups for joking about my grandma.


11-27-09 Friday


Was awoken early, had to do morning pushups followed by a run outside with just a T-shirt and jeans on. Was ordered to wave at the Gang Stalker of a Neighbor (the woman with two dogs) while outside but didn’t. Went to Michigan.

Later in the day my grandma and I went shopping at Walmart in Beton Harbor for food, then at TJ Maxx for clothes


11-28-09 Saturday


Coast Guard excercises off of the beach

Cutting wood from a tree that fell eariler that year

Had the song by Jermiha stuck in my head

Text message my mother after my grandma comments that she wants my doctor to come over and rent the small house from her, that my grandma is trying to seduce Dr Weiden again.

Pushups in the sand

Walking in the moonlight with mother on the beach, traveling to a resturant (minestroni and veal is what I had), come back to small house. Grandma and mother fight. Text Edi for train schedules, but then decided to leave with mother. Leave for Chicago discussing grandma in car, Zandre also commenting.

Zandre says that if I get my grandma into the mental home they will medicate her and nothing more. To which I think is fine but Zandre having a special place in her heart for my grandma does not.




Other November Stories


One of Edi’s swimmer friends dies so we head to the wake. At the wake we say our condolences but the male voice wanted me to drop to my knees and give the three point prayer, I didn’t do that. Later we went shopping and the voices instructed me to buy underwear and a new jacket. In the dressing the handler had me get on my knees, I thought to do push ups for not praying but he had me pray right there in the dressing room instead of pushups. Next we had Arby’s before my mother dropped us off at the train station to take the train back to Chicago.


The morning of having Green Berets and Delta force operatives going around in a circle talking about how they were going to kill me, some said slit my throat others said gunshot to the back of my head while the last one said EMP bomb. This was for telling my mother the night before that Zandre was being asigned guys to have sex with if I messed up and couldn’t finish the pushups requested of me.


Handler odering Zandre to have sex with other ‘staff members’ due to inability to do enough pushups when cited to do pushups for insubordination

Seeing Zandre having sex in my mental imagery. Told by the guys who had sex with her that she said a prayer for me after it was over. Seeing one of the guys opening her eyelid up after she fell asleep to check and see if she was asleep.


One time while running up the stair case for eating too much a male supervisior wished me to not run but I kept at it anyway and got to three strikes, Zandre said this is Uiczee and something like stop running. But I didn’t listen and they had sex with Zandre that night.


One time was asked to do pushups on the men’s locker room floor, I hesitated for which I was asked to bang my head into the locker door. Afterwards I headed off to the showers under shock, there they played the part from the Matrix movie where morpheus says “What is reality” to try to bring me out of shock


Doing pushups under the influence of ibuprofen


Went to the DMV with my brother to renew my driver’s licence. I am not so sure if I was supposed to go because on the way back they played Baby Bash – Suga Suga and Black Eyed Peas – Tonight Is Going To Be A Good Night over the radio before I got home, and then had Zandre have sex with one of their male staffers once my brother and I got home.


One time before I was to do pushups I asked to see how many pushups Zandre could do, so they had her do pushups and she got to 34.


Being so tired that I couldn’t move in the waiting room while waiting for Dr Weiden’s appointment -> being sent to the ER -> Became more alert in ER -> Dr with missing fingers shakes my hand -> Dr with missing fingers ‘accidently’ gives me a recommendation for a sleep study -> Being told to pull out the needle -> Being told to suck the blood from the needle.





Went to the bar with other chemical engineering students after our senor design I final was over.


12-14-09 Monday


Met with Cynthia at Skewers at roughly 11:30 pm


12-15-09 Tuesday


Went to play Basketball with Dan A. at roughly 4:00 pm objections were from the supervisior and then Zandre who tried to keep me home with an offer of virtual sex (for lack of a better term). I declined and the supervisior had her have sex with someone else because I went to play basketball. When I started to play basketball I said to myself that this is better than virtual sex with Zandre which with her listening in upset her.


December 18th ? Woke up early even though risperdal was still making me sleepy, tried 10 mg of Adderall, still sleepy, tried an additional 10 mg of Adderall finaly awake. Zandre was protesting the use of Adderall while the supervisior (Jim) being experienced with dextroamphetamine did not. Misunderstanding of the voices leads me to believe that I should go to the hospital that day to get new implants (since I was having difficulty understanding the voices at varous times) so I ask my mother to drop me off near the UIC emergency room. Instead of going to the emergency room the voices instructed me that I had made a mistake and that I was to come home. So I went to the UIC medical library since it was biting cold outside and I only had on a thin wind breaker instead of going home. I made it to the second floor where there is a couch and I went to sit down on it. As I was sitting on the couch facing the book shelfs I started to doze off. The male voice told me I needed to move around somewhat inorder for the adderall to keep me awake. I took his advice and it worked. I had been debating whether to wait there for my mother to come back or head home in the cold, so I agreed to head home. When I got outside it was really cold and I thought about heading back to the library after walking down the street a little but eventually I changed my mind I ran all the way to Racine avenue, and then north to Harrison. Once on Harrison I headed East towards Halsted but the voice wanted me to do pushups beside each one of the garbage cans a long the way. I made it past a few garbage cans doing pushups on the sidewalk next to them when I started to fatigue so I stoped (I didn’t want to make a secene in public). Also intresting an old truck with two occupants in it started to shadow me as I did the pushups. Anyway the voice got upset with me for not keeping pace and I said that I quit and started walking towards the Student Center East.


Once I made it to the Student Center East I went up the escalator and found a place on the couch near the fish tanks to sit down. I forget the specifics but I was going over something about the whys I wasn’t excercising like I was requested to when after about an hour or so the male voice made some sort of deal with me. I would do 150 pushups anywhere in the building I liked, and they would forgive me for not doing the pushups on the street by the garbage cans, so I picked the hallway just north of the 4th floor computer lab. After I got done doing the pushups I was requested to head to the third floor and do situps in a hallway that is overlooked by a camera. After trying to do 20 in 2 minutes and failing because my tailbone would rub against the ground making it impossible to complete the set and for this Zandre said “no pain no gain”(this was bad pain not good pain I said something like that to her) I asked about doing planches. I think I was screamming by time I reached three, that the male voice was happy with that level of intensity he asked for 10. Eventually I completed the 10 and was allowed to go home only if I ran the entire way without stoping. As I entered the stairwell to head home I saw a girl and I tried to get a better look which Zandre did not like when I took a misstep and went down two stairs instead of one. Zandre watching this said “the lord works in mysterious ways”. When I got to the first level I bolted out running and made it back to the Clinton Complex and was exhuasted. When I got home I was treated to mental imagry of Zandre naked, but it didn’t last that long since I think I called her a whore or a slut which is disrespectfull to her but I cannot keep my mind “shut” like I can keep my mouth so words even if I don’t mean them exit my mind uncensored which can be hurtful to those listening in.


Anyway I don’t remember the exact sequence of events but I was headed to bed when I got the call that all was not over yet. I was to put on a white T-shirt and my red UIC gym shorts and go running in the cold December night. I got outside and ran when I got to an intersection they told me to turn at the intersection and I misunderstood them so they wanted me to do pushups. I think I disagreed with them and was going to head home or I waited too long on the concrete when they said to neglect the pushups. Eventually following their orders as best I could I made it to the Sears (Now Willis) Tower, (a couple people asked me why I was wearing nothing but a T-shirt and red shorts during the run) when I got back I was tired so I was asked to take an additional 20 mg of Adderall. I was concerned about the possibility of brain damage from taking more than one’s days worth of Adderall combinded with Risperdal, when the male voice assured me that they are no studies with Risperdal combined with Adderall showing brain damage. Or that short term binging on Adderall causes brain damage. So I took another 20 mg of Adderall. Once the 2nd Adderall kicked in I started to have echos to each one of my mental thoughts (audio hallucanations). Zandre was upset at this and I think she thought that I had permenantly damaged my brain. The male voice wanted me to run again and to top it off I had done something wrong again. After I had done some amount of pushups for the infraction but I did not do all of them or I re-errored on something they wanted me to do another set of pushups or they where going to have Zandre have sex with another staff member. Zandre had protested that I do pushups and said that she would have sex with the other staff member (She was feeling sorry for me having audio hallucanations) but I made it that time. Normally I was just letting them have sex with Zandre when they asked for too many pushups but the Adderall was in my system so I repped out the requiered amount of pushups. Zandre said something like I see why it (adderall) is banned by the NCAA.


The supervisior believed for a while that I was making up the hallucanations to get out of running again, but after an hour or so he was willing to let me ‘sleep’ it off. As I was trying to sleep I took 10 mg of diazpam to help calm me down and after chewing the tablets the hallucanations dissappeared immedately which made the supervisior sucpicous again. He thought that I had made the hallucanations up because they went away so fast with the intake of diazapam. Now that my audio hallucanations were gone I had to run again, but this time without my shirt. I think I ran to the tower twice before I had to take a third 20 mg adderall to stay awake.


<exact suqence unknown>

Third adderall not enough to keep me awake for more than an hour or two

Hunger breaks through on the third adderall

Would eat an orange but was repremanded, eventually would listen to orders and not eat anything.

By not eating anything I would have fantises about food which Zandre found disgusting

Went to bed finally and was allowed 6 hours of sleep (they where being generous they told me)

Didn’t do adderall again after that

Was unconfortable running shirtless (lots of looks and a few comments)

Running with full clothes on

Major loss of points. Too many pushups would be required so they had Zandre have sex with another guy.

Ran shirtless again

Ran day, night, morning, afternoon

Few hours rest between runs

The comments…


12-20-09 Sunday Evening


Eventually on the evening of Sunday December 20th they where discussing killing me for not wanting to run again/do pushups so to speak and asked that I take all of the adderall in the bottel I had or when I said no to take all of the clonazepam I had I declined that too and they said that I had twenty minutes to live anyway. I think Zandre was kind of not-excited which towards the end of the twenty minutes gave it away that they were not going to kill me. Instead they told me they wanted to see if I would say a prayer which I didn’t. I kept talking to Zandre during the whole event. I had kept mentioning that I needed new implants for not always understanding them, and they told me to go running again. In the stairway they had me do 50? Pushups with me saying thank you to Jim for not killing me. After that I went running, when I got to W Adams street there was a guy who saw me said I was “beasting out” by running shirtless and I starting running towards the Sears (willis) tower when I got to the bridge the male voice told me to jump. I heastadted and he said big mistake, I looked over the bridge and was trying to decide whether or not to jump when a girl came along and asked if I were ok. I told her I heard a voice telling me to jump and she asked me if I needed to call 911, I said yes. Another black man came and saw that I was shirtless and decided to give me his sweater out of genorsity. The guy who said I was beasting out came by to see what was going on and said “I thought you were beasting out man!” dissapointlingly. He didn’t seem to like my ‘suicide’ attempt and left. The cops came and said that these two guys (the black man and the pedestrian woman) had to pull me from the bridge in their report. After that an ambulance took me to Northwestern hospital.


At Northwestern my brother met me there and after talking some bit we where moved to a different room, I think they gave me apple juice and I had to do a certain amount of pushups for excepting that. My brother then left to the cafetiary to get some chicken but when he returned the voices wouldn’t allow me to eat it. My brother then left and the staff then had to throw the chicken into the garbage. I was takin upstairs.


I was given a bed in a room next to some Korean guy.

I had to do pushups in the night. (Some of the staff wouldn’t allow me to, others would)

Was ordered to refuse food

Refused to take food and water, was ordered to do pushups after being dehydrated and I collapsed. Voices said big mistake (for I was not supposed to eat, it was ok to drink I think) and hospital staff rushed in and gave me apple juice which the voices weren’t happy with.

The male voices said that they where going to kill me again for swearing at them in mind and not being able to do the pushups as a reprimand. This time Zandre also believed that they were going to kill me. They had a vote amongist the staff members whether to kill me by heart attack or respitory arrest. Zandre didn’t vote. Eventually believing that I would die I called for the spirtual advisor. The spirtual advisor had me do prayers and that was enough to get the supervisior and the crew from talking about killing me.

I had given up on fasting due to the enornmous amount of pressure from the hospital staff to eat, which resulted in a loss of points

One night the Korean guy started to hit me so I was moved to a different room

Eventually I lost enough points that Zandre told me I had to do the entire course (running and all) over again.

Asked Zandre if she would go schizophrenic to be with me and she said no after she had a discussion with her supervisiors

Christmas came and my family came along with Cynthia. Cynthia had smuggled in cookies which were very good.

I convinced the hospital pyschiatirsit that I took amphetamine and that was the reason for me hearing the voice to jump the bridge. They believed it even though there was no amphetamine in my urine at the time of my hospitialization.


12-28-09 Monday


I was released from Northwestern Memorial




Zandre was taken off the pill

Made videos for Youtube and Facebook about how I didn’t want to be in this program anymore.


12-30-09 Wednesday


A personal background note: Since 2005 I have been enrolled in a community harassment program which ended in October of 2009. The main reason of the harassment was unclear until I decided to give up two of my strongly held character vices at which point I was introduced into a CIA black project program [I’m told this is the OSG]. Never in my dreams did I think that I would be the desire of such an agency. On the first days of "enrollment" I was doing room to room and room to stair clearances with a flashlight. I held that flashlight as if I had held a gun for 20 years. At some point I was given a brief introduction to interrogation and was told I would be going to Russia the Middle East and the CIS countries. Later that night I was asked to run into the lake in the middle of October and make a beach landing a few 100 yards away. The first time I failed and the second time I was more successful but scored a 300/1000 for the mission. The course tested my ability to crawl to an objective, swim by myself in cold dark water, avoid a trip alarm and see how long I could last in the could wet air before succumbing to hypothermia. The final objective that night was to get me hospitalized again, but I objected. The next morning one of the instructors Richard? decided to drill me push ups until I could do push ups no more and then to go down on my knees to finish them off screaming so that my grandma would come in and believe that I was suffering from hyperthermia and tachycardia.


She called the ambulance and off I went to St Joseph Hospital. Eventually I was transferred back to UIC hospital where I was introduced to a girl who had been observing me for 3 or more years. She kept her emotions away well the first time I was introduced to her the weekend before but this time allow me to understand that she was madly in love me with. At first I responded to her in a more analytical tone and was puzzled by her intensity of love which frustrated her a little. Her name is Zandre over time my love towards her grew despite the set backs caused by Richard and Jim. (Also while in the hospital Jim and/or Richard had me doing multiple push ups.)


Once out of the hospital my training continued but in doing so I kept having problems hearing what the commands where and kept having to do insubordination push ups until I got sick of doing them. At some point Richard or Jim decided that I should {feel} and do really mean {feel} Zandre have sex with another man to encourage me to do more push ups when I was at my 85-105% limit (depending on the day). This sort of behavior only added to my frustration with the CIA training.



Multiple times I would be accused of not hearing what they where saying to me and that I was making it up that I couldn't hear them and therefore I should be punished. Like turn back towards the elevator then no-no the other way, left instead of right and I would be punished with a drop and give 25, 40, or 50 push ups.

Favorite Music:

When I couldn't do these anymore I would feel Zandre's nether regions being manipulated like during sex.


Personally I was growing tired of having to be punished this way and wished to get out of the program, but the only way out they tell me is death "because I know too much" Eventually one day they told me that communication between me and them would be improved if I went for a run and then when I got to the bridge got the command to jump off. I didn't listen because I wasn't so sure I trusted there motive which made them a little mad. I instead told a passerby of the command I received and she helped me call the police. In the hospital my ability to hear the commands did not improve as suggested and instead I got treated to a near incidence of respiratory collapse and a build up to a heart attack without a follow through.


By this point I was sick as "uncle Tom" says of playing solider (Like having to skip three meals at a time and act belligerent to nursing staff or to have to do 150 push ups to eat breakfast) I decided I would remain a 'normal joe' and not go on with any more of these black project games. But the people who are in charge of this do not want that outcome but my death.



I have been threatened with heart attack, respiratory collapse inoperable brain tumors, ibutenic acid overdose, bullets in the back of my head, shot gun blast to the chest, unauthorized heart transplants, doping of my blood after I die with a causality agent, homicide, car accidents,

Favorite TV Shows:

and/or other threats to a long life. Basically I should watched my back I take it. Also watch my short video on the subject


For surviving all this I owe my thanks and gratitude to Zandre Labuschagne for keeping me alive and well during the ordeal, she truly loves me and wants to see the best outcome for me, I have fallen in love with her and wish to be with her. She has stood up for me numerous times and has helped me a lot. I truly believe the two of us belong together.



Spent New Years lying on the floor talking to voices.

At some point was given a female handler whose name was Jamie to supplement the male handler (supervisior) so that she could investigate if I needed new implants/ why I wasn’t obeying orders like I was supposed to.



 01-03-10 Sunday


Went to Santorini in Greek town for dinner. Female handler

Ordered to eat octopose, didn’t get to eat the head of the octopose before my mother ate it. Was given 20 pushups for that. Was ordered to eat Salmon was told that Salmon was what Zandre liked. Saw a somewhat attractive blonde woman amongist two black man, was ordered to wave at her, refused. Was given another 20 pushups for that. A few other infractions gave me 100-150 pushups for the night. The female handler said to me “spare the rod spoil the spy”. I started to do the pushups at home when my mom saw me and said she would call the ambulance for doing the pushups. The female handler had me keep going at it, but eventually my mother stopped thinking about calling the ambulance. However the female handler wanted me to go to the hospitial (UIC in specific). I told my mother that I needed to go to the hospitial again and she finally agreed to call the ambulance.


At the emergency room I got the order to do pushups on the floor which fast tracked my admission to the staff who check your blood pressure. I then tried hitting the staff member which got the attention of the on duty police. I was transferred to the pyschiatry holding room where after being non-compliant I was given an injection of Haldol. For some reason (probably swearing in my head at the handlers/supervisior/voices, etc) I had to do another set of pushups. After waiting for a long time I was finally allowed to go upstairs.


I don’t remember much about the stay at UIC other than Zandre had us (the crew and I) say a group prayer a couple of nights. And that I had to try a submission hold for not being able to do enough pushups one time.


01-13-10 Wednesday


I was discharged from UIC hospital


01-14-10 Thursday


Find out that Zandre is pregnant


01-23-10 Saturday


Made another set of videos about how I didn’t want to be in the program anymore for Youtube/Facebook but didn’t host them. (original copies are lost)

Male handler upset with videos, will not let Zandre get an abortion without me deleting the videos.


Male handler changes mind and will not let Zandre get an abortion if I see the movie Avatar.


01-25-10 Monday


As I was going to see the movie Avatar the male handler wakes Zandre up and makes his intentions known that if I go see the movie Avatar Zandre will not get an abortion. My brother was questioning why I was hesitating, so I went. We got to Navy pier and had sometime before the movie started so we walked around. When we got back to the McDonald’s I asked for some chicken McNuggets and the voices told me not to eat them, so I listened to them and watched my brother eat the entire thing while my brother questioned me for ordering them. The voices then thought there was a chance I would listen to to them when it came time to see the movie, but I went and saw the movie anyway. I forget what Zandre’s intial feelings where but after sometime watching the movie she began to follow the plot. She became tearfull around the time the native fell off the back of the air plane after being shot, and when the six legged horse was on fire. After the movie it was decided that I would have to run again inorder for Zandre to get an abortion. That night I met up with Cynthia and we went to a McDonald’s east of the Sears (willis) tower. After saying good bye to her I started to walk home with out my shoes on (because that is what I believe the voices wanted me to do) but I got it wrong and they wanted me to run home, so I put my shoes back on and ran home.


01-26-10 Tuesday


The next day I was awoken early by the voices but as I was getting up I also happened to awake my mother. I was to run to the tower and back, but my mother did not like this. Somehow I convinced her that I was running to Dunkin Donuts and I was doing so in a thin windbreaker. She did not like this and insisted I wear something heavier, but I managed to keep the windbreaker on as the only material I was wearing. I ran to the tower and back and my mother walked to Dunkin Donuts. It was even colder than in Decemeber. The voices where happy and a couple of hours later wanted me to run shirtless to the tower and back. Listening to them I made it down the hallway and just sat there not sure what to do when the guard came by and said I couldn’t be in the hallway, so I went back to my unit. Zandre said maybe next time. I forget what happened next but the next thing I remember was being in my mom’s car in the parking lot too hungry to make any descisions. I was upset with having to run again and not eat again that I just basically became stiff in the car. My mom called my doctor and spoke with him, my doctor tried to speak with me and I didn’t talk so he decided I should be hospitalized. I went to Northwestern; the voices objected since they didn’t want me to be there.


At the hospital I layed in my bed for most of the day when I heard that one of the inpatients was a national gurad or army reversits (I forget) Zandre told me why don’t I speak with him. I spoke with him and found out that they don’t do a lot of pushups and they mainly undergo a lot of sleep deprivation. He told me that a lot of the commanders where on pysch meds after coming back from Iraq. I forget the exact sequence of the remainder of events but


I meet a woman named Trista who happened to be about 40-50ish

She started to flirt with me and it got to the point where we where rubbing each other while watching TV much to Zandre’s objection

Zandre wanted me to back hand her by causing me to feel the impulse in my arm to swing it backwards when Trista was by my side

The handler had me run naked threw the hallways until staff subdued me

Also the handler had me scream Zandre from my room after I gave up on Trista for the sake of Zandre. No one new what I was saying since Zandre is an uncommon name here in the US. But it got the staff’s attention.

Another thing I had to do was punch one of the staff members which didn’t go over well he kept saying ignore those voices, and I was injected with haldol. 

I had forgone three meals at the handler’s wish and was swearing at Zandre pretty bad for being hungry and all.

For forgoing three meals I was rewarded with a game that Zandre and I played, however Zandre was mad at me for swearing at her so the game turned out to be jesting match between me and Zandre as an elphant woman. (Zandre has a crazy perception of herself J)

I still kept swearing at her which resulted in the handler asking me for 250 pushups before 10 o’clock or he would take Zandre away from me for good. I wasn’t going to do them, instead I had the before bed time snack to the handler’s objection. Then about 20 minutes before 10 o’clock I started doing pushups. I think I got to 50 or a 100 before the time was up, but they allowed me to do 750 before 12 o’clock. I got to 750 and just then as if to signal my completion the toliet lid fell at that 750th pushup. But they said I had to do one set of 50 over again, however I didn’t hear/believe them. They then allowed me to do 750 pushups in a 24 hour period which put the time to completion around 3 o’clock or so but I feel asleep thinking that I had completed the 750 pushup requirement. I remember awaking to a sobbing Zandre who showed me an image of Metal Gear Solid when you get killed but instead of the Metal Gear Solid logo it said Alex in its place. Then an image of Zandre next to me falling to the floor. The handler asked if I would do the pushups if they where going to kill me and he slowed down my heart until I asked for the nursing staff to give me a clonazepam and eventually haldol. The handler left me alone after that.

From that point I did not hear from Zandre until after I left the hospital

We had pizza on superbowl Sunday

On Wednesday Feb 10th I was discharged from the hospital

That Sunday? I remember going over the past experiences in my mind that I had with Zandre when a voice asked me if I where game (to do it all over again) and with it they had a tearful Zandre in the background however I said not until after I graduate (which they took to mean no) and that was the end of that.






I went without the supervisior asking me to, to the arcade at UIC to play a hunting game, and then a counterterriosim game to see if I could keep up my skills that where given to me in October. After that I waited on a chair outside the arcade trying to collect myself. Next I went to the computer labs at the SELE where I spent my time looking at Zandre’s profile page. Under her favorite movies there was one about a surival story where the protagonist tries to make it in the wildnerness away from civilization and dies. And as I read this I was reminded of timothy treadwill Grizzly Man and how he died out in the wildnerss. I communicated that to Zandre. Later I went to the women’s restroom, did my thing and tried a cigarette then in the stall I held my hands if I where pointing the carbine at the door waiting for someone to come in. I told myself that I needed to live life more on the edge and not give a dam about other people. When I got home Zandre was upset about me saying that last part. Some other day the supervisiors would till me that they where upset that I tried to pretend that I was one of them when I wasn’t.  


Bringing the bottle of Diazapam to Mike’s car.


Making steak sandwichs at Mike’s with the male voice telling me when to turn over the steak to prevent over cooking.


Doing pushups one night for repeated insubordination at the YMCA upstairs floor as the YMCA was closing.


They had a bet that one of them could keep me from bench pressing that I didn’t know about. For the longest peroid of time I avoided the bench press because of the voices and was doing pushups in its place. One night while at the YMCA I get under the bench and some voice orders me to the floor to do pushups and says that he’ll give me a heart attack if I bench press. I proced to do the bench press anyway and one of the voices was upset because he wasn’t able to stop me.


“True love is just a fairy tail” I dislike it when Zandre says this


Zandre said she wanted me to be able to read her mind once (if) I advanced enough threw the program.


Zandre listening to Thrillseekers – By Your Side with me


Was listening to my walkman (Zandre keeps calling this an ipod) inside of Jewel one night while coming back from the YMCA and she instructed me to listen to Joop_and_leon_bolier_live_@_trance_energy_2007 [ ] which is what I would play all the time during the night while asleep at my grandma’s in Naperville during late 2007 - early 2008. Zandre also wanted me to play Katana – Gemini which I didn’t until later so she listened to it herself before I did.


Went running at the UIC gym


Went running by the fire department


Went runing by the court house


The adderall use had me convinced for a short while that my femoral artories were partially blocked, since I could feel them pulsate during the use of adderall. So I had my mother set up a doctors appointment with a general practioner. I was dropped off by my brother on the day of the appointment but then decided on my own that I would run home once the appointment was over. The appointment went fine and the doctor could find no fault so afterwards I ran from Maxwell Street all the way to Harrison, I was building up ‘extra credit’ points along the way but that all dissappeared when I took a break at Harrison and ______ instead of making a nonstop journey from Maxwell street to the Clinton Complex.


Talks about killing me with a hit squad one time, Zandre having me put on green coat when I went out in public. Male voices saying that I can’t stay inside forever. Zandre having me text five people to let them know that I have been hitlisted. Male voices back off.


When asking why don’t they use Bushmasters in the army the supervisior told me the twist of the barrel in a M4 allows it to fire more accurate shots than that of the Bushmaster which inturn lasts longer.


Female Handler (Jamie) says that Zandre Pours her heart out for this man


Female Handler (Jamie) said that I couldn’t make Zandre cry anymore or I would be reprimanded (for I was making Zandre cry a lot by that time)


Over the summer (2009) I think, I was looking at Zandre’s photo on her facebook profile and said to myself  “I could get lost in those curly long lashes” (like the way the guy says it in the abercrombide and fitch skit on MADTV). Zandre repeated that qoute to me with a certian glee when she was allowed to talk to me for the first few times.


Zandre said that the guys having sex with her were Dan Ohare, Ralph, Mike, Jim and Rich.


Zandre saying that if she were to go schizophrenic that they (the others in the crew) would drive us nuts with each others dislikes for one another. She also said that a lot of murder-suicides happen when there is a meeting of two people without approval of the handler.


Zandre said to the female handler that my left brachioradilis is the main flexor of my left arm. Zandre explaining to handler that she cannot understand why I don’t target the triceps lateral heads.


Zandre saying that she would make my life more misreable than Amy had if I don’t be with her.


Zandre saying are you flirting with me when I was looking up to the floor above me while laying in the loft bed one night


Zandre saying that the ‘crew’ was debating whether or not to send her into the hospital [Northwestern: 1st time] with me or not


Taking Amiben and being asked to stay awake


Zandre saying, “If you play your cards right you can have me”


Male Handler (Jim) saying that all my relationships will be broken relationships


Male Handler (Jim) says the cost of Zandre is 34 million dollars


Female voice had me take down the CointelproV2pt0 youtube site.

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